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can you tell who is control with garnet?
sometime, i notice that garnet acts more like ruby or more like sapphire.like in love letterswhen garnet says NO YOU DON”T to jamie, her visor is more red, she say this pretty sternly. but when she gives her little speech about how jamie is a good actor, her tone is calmer, kinder. Her viser also ch...
Jasper, the Fusion Experiment
Jasper is a fusion. Okay, okay! Hear me out! I think tonight’s episode gives a way for our theory to be perfectly true. There have been multiple signs indicating that Jasper is a fusion (that I’ll cover below the break), but there’s always been some problems, the biggest one being...
Gem fusion theory time
First off, spoilers for the Steven Universe episodes The Return and Jailbreak.I’m sure a lot of us were surprised to find that Garnet is a fusion. It makes total sense in hindsight, but the writers were able to keep it secret from us due to making her look nothing like what we were told a fusion loo...
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Mellow Frames: Steven Universe Characters React to the Random Theory Generator
Part 2: http://mellowfilmmaker.tumblr.com/post/127208273699/mellow-frames-su-character-react-to-edgy-theoriesPart 3: http://mellowfilmmaker.tumblr.com/post/128378333704/mellow-frames-steven-universe-characters-react-to
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Favorite Gem: garnetFavorite Fusion: garnetOtp: Garnetfavorite episode: the one where garnet is back togetherFavorite song: stronger than you (starring garnet)Favorite line: this is garnet, back togetherFavorite Human: human garnet frome stevens dream in chille tid
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Multiple Gamzee Theory
So this is in relation to the current Gamzee being shown as not God-Tier. If you take a look at the picture below, you will all see that there is a Gamzee, and this Gamzee is the ONLY Gamzee in the picture, and is definitely alive (check the eyes.) So, given the assumption that there are so MANY ti...
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