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* Geoff Ramsey rtedit i'm fcukign dying
when i find myself in times of trouble geoff ramsey comes to me speaking words of wisdom "gO SUCK AN ANUS"
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walk up in the club like what up everybody its geoff from achievement hunter and youre watching ahwu
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So Gavins wearing a suit jacket in this photo right? But not in this one. But you know who’s wearing a suit jacket instead? Millie!
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Geoff has been Dexter Grif longer than he has been Geoff Ramsey
He’s always out of town, Millie misses him
Geoff and Gavin got paired up in halo on the livestream: Gavin: Geoff I’m with you, we’re together.Geoff: That’s not true at all. You left.Gavin: …What do you mean?Geoff: You left, you moved away.
Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter Geoff Ramsey Millie Ramsey
Camera on Off Topic #5 turns to Geoff
“I just get happy when I see me. Look at that guy’s sm–look at that guy’s laugh! What a smiley guy!  What a happy dude!That’s a dude you wanna hang out with.”
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