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Morrissey robert smith
Tina Fey is a dickhead.She can get pissed when people say shit that’s offensive to white women but doesn’t give a fuck when she’s called out on her racism.
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beyonce tanyagif6 mine: beyonce actual goddess beyedit
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hey. hey remember when there was someone who hurt you but you were convinced you needed them and you wouldn’t survive without them? look at how great you’re doing without them. look at how amazing you are, even without the person you thought you wouldn’t be able live without. you...
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Zef to death. 
jared leto: lets put m&ms and skittles in the same bowl and mix them togetherdirector: i dont know where jared leto ends and joker begins what have i created
yike the winged goddess of discourse
Rihanna r8 kylie jenner Anti Diamond Ball Antidiary clearly Rihanna was still the only gold goddess
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poets on tumblr Nikita Gill poetsofinstagram half goddess half hell
m I love this photo so much
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