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greg and his financial situation...
I’m re-watching steven universe with two of my sisters, and as we are watching “house guest” I joke about how greg has fixed his broken leg with duct tape and a ruler instead of going to the hospitalbut then my sister remarks that it’s taking place in a country heavily based on the us and that he’s ...
Reasons Greg isn't a bad father
•Doesn’t make Steven feel guilty about Rose dying like the gems do sometimes •Only yelled at Steven when he was concerned for his safety in Space Race and when he was just acting in Cat Fingers •Doesn’t compare Steven to his mother like the gems do •Encourages Steven’s creati...
please dont treat greg universe’s inability to function as a fucking parent as some endearing thing incapable manchild dads arent cute they’re really shitty actually
“nurishment”im not fixing it
imagine Greg just getting used to Stevonnie.  Every now and then, he leaves Steven and Connie alone in a room to get snacks and comes back to one large hungry child instead of two small ones and it’s just like “oh hey Stevonnie!”and sometimes Stevonnie calls him “dad,” sometimes “Mr. Universe,” some...
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Dear Steven Universe Fandom
SU isnt just for Female and Non-binary peoplePeople can cosplay who they want no matter their body typeporn is ok and not hurting any one, the creators like and support itstop complaining about people changing body type of characters in art when you are turning around and changing jasper,peridot and...
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Onion Trade Preview, Greg is back baby
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