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  • One day a poor man brought a bunch of grapes to the holy prophet Muhammad SAW as a gift. The holy prophet SAW ate one, two, three and then the whole bunch of grapes by himself.
  • He did not offer grapes to anyone present.
  • The poor man who bought those grapes was very pleased and left.
  • One of the companions asked, "O Prophet of Allah SAW ! How come you ate all the grapes by yourself and did not offer to any of us present?"
  • The Holy Prophet SAW smiled and said, "I ate all the grapes by myself because the grapes were sour. If I would have offered you, you might have made funny faces and that would have hurt the feelings of that poor man.
  • I thought to myself it's better that I eat all of them cheerfully and please the poor man, I did not want to hurt the feelings of that poor old man."
  • Such were the manners of this most noble Prophet of Allah SAW.
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