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deaf adoption lgbtqia ASL sign language lesbian couple deaf culture wells fargo hearing impaired this was too cute of a commercial i just love this representation too much even if it's coming from an evil corporate bank also if you look closely both moms are signing with their right hands but I wished they'd picked a left handed actress BC you can see they're not only a lesbian couple but they're a MARRIED lesbian couple which I think is pretty rad
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star wars Princess Leia Han Solo harrison ford carrie fisher star wars episode vi star wars return of the jedi Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back star wars episode v
Wells Fargo, the second largest U.S. bank by number of branc...
star wars Han Solo finn harrison ford John Boyega spoilers / The Force Awakens tfa spoilers / star wars spoilers / again sorry for the terrible quality
Serena Williams bnp paribas indian wells wta isha price
best friends harrison ford John Boyega star wars the force awakens mogifire met the parents so is real serious grown close
There’s a bit on Harrison Ford’s wikipedia page that says he once flew a helicopter to rescue a hiker suffering severe dehydration and all I can think about is how surreal that must have been for the hiker You think you’re about to die, you’re dehydrated so you’re proba...
gif film spoilers star wars Han Solo harrison ford rey John Boyega daisy ridley The Force Awakens what a precious innocent baby
1k mine 5k 10k harrison ford sw edit we are not worthy FYSW swcastedit obihankenobi of his recent interviews esp on jimmy fallon fordinho
my gifs kickstarter indie games We Happy Few compulsion games rougelike
* Picspam The Prince of Egypt brenda chapman Simon Wells steve hickner never forget this scene
* harrison ford John Boyega FYSW swcastedit jboyegaedit
hand tattoo pinky promise vancouver olivia harrison pinky swear vancouver tattoo vancouver tattoo artist black medicine tattoo
don't reblog Adam is fine but was going through personal issues and apparently faking a kidnapping was his cry for help
martin freeman please Benedict Cumberbatch robert downey jr iron man rdj tom hiddleston Captain America Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Thor just saying Iron Man 3 khan silly things star trek into darkness Into Darkness stid John Harrison don't sue me because that martin suits better with naked handsome men hiddleston ice bucket challenge
the 100: * puts black man in  position of power*the 100: * puts Tibetan descent woman in  position of power*the 100: * puts black woman in position of power*the 100: * makes latina, disabled character one of the greatest characters in the show and makes her in charge of her own sexuality with absolu...
sherlock the hobbit martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch tom hiddleston avengers a scandal in belgravia just silly things thor 2 star trek into darkness stid John Harrison it's hard to name these things i apologise guys
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