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  • hermione in first year:we might be killed! or worse, expelled.
  • hermione in second year:lets just fucking make this illegal potion in the bathroom fuck yeah
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hermione and harry’s friendship is seriously my favorite because they have such a deep DEEP love and appreciation for each other yet it is completely platonicyou hardly ever find that in books anymore without it eventually turning romantic and it is honestly something to treasure
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I like how the actors who play Hermione and Harry in the movies have the same opinions on Crookshanks’s appearance as their characters.Is there a limit to how much a person can love Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe? Cause I haven’t found it yet.
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Years ago on this very day, two ordinary first year students walked into the girl’s washroom to help out a fellow classmate and after defeating a mountain troll, the three of them walked out as the Golden Trio and never looked back and I think that’s something to celebrate
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