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we’re watching big hero 6 in my class and we were at that part where hiro and baymax were in the portal and everyone is so quiet except for my teacher who mumbles “if that fuckin robot dies i’m burning this movie”
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  • "Low Battery!"
  • "How much does your heart hurt?"
  • "You home, sweetie?"
  • "We just jumped out a window"
  • "How cool was that?"
  • "Stop! Stop! It's just an expression!"
  • "WHEEEE"
  • "A lunatic in a mask just tried to kill us!"
  • ...
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Don’t lie one of the best things in this damn film was how Fred’s butler literally couldn’t give less of a fuck about anythingTied up? Run around by a girl in a super suit? Whatever.Marshmallow man wants a bro fist? Makes the weirdest frickin noise? No shits given.
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The Pros and Cons of watching Big Hero 6 again
Pro: Tadashi Con: Tadashi