• Hipster da Depressao •
ff Hipster da Depressao
-Sabe aonde voce cozinha suas mágoas ? Na panela depressao.
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ai do nada te bate aquela depressao, a falta de pessoas que voce nunca mais vai ver, puta dor que nu...
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Se abraços são capazes de curar, por que não abraçar?
Sentimentos, Sentir menos.
Dudes check this out.
Okay so there’s this website called litographs that prints entire(or almost entire) books onto t-shirts. I mean seriously. look at this shit.  They have Le Mis They have the phantom of the opera They have the adventures of sherlock holmes They have Leonardo da Vinci’s note books ...
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Sometimes when I’m alone with my thoughts, I become aware that DreamWorks did this And now this
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