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Israel bombs Gaza. Israel bombs Gaza. Israel bombs Gaza . Israel bombs Gaza. Palestinians respond. News headline: Israel responds to Gaza attacks
  • *Israel kills 13-year-old boy with airstrike while he was playing football*
  • *Israel kills 7-year-old girl with airstrike*
  • *Israel kills 11-month-old baby with airstrike*
  • *Palestinians respond by hitting Israeli army base*
Israel is the problem. Hamas doesn’t occupy land, steal water, ethnically cleanse Israelis & bulldoze their homes. The only people ever “driven into the sea” were Palestinians. Attempts to wipe Palestine off the map continue. How did so many Palestinians end up in Gaza? Mass et...
Gaza was bombarded with 273 airstrikes yesterday (8th July). That’s an average of 11 an hour. Gaza is about 25 miles long and 4 miles ...
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Check this link out. It pretty much says it all.
Please do not post pictures of our dead, dying, or severely injured brothers and sisters in Palestine. It is extremely dehumanizing, and ineffective as people grow desensitized to the images. Most of the photos of the victims of the attacks are taken without consent. Although we must bring attention...
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Most Zionists don’t believe God exists, but believe He promised them Palestine.
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