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I think the hardest thing for Americans to reconcile this idea of the Founding Fathers as flawed people who still did good things. Washington was a slave owner who came to have mixed feelings on it later in life, but at one point he was literally the only thing standing between democracy and a mil...
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One Direction - History
Today In Black History
Today, February 1st, is the beginning of the so-called Black History Month. I think I’ve said it on here before, but I’ll say it again - no month is a Black history month for me, every second of every minute and every minute of every hour is Black History, but it’s kinda official, so let’s celebrate...
  • Thomas Jefferson:I really want this land, but it's very expensive and there's no use for it.
  • James Madison:Treat yo' self.
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1918: Court Refuses to Fine Woman in Man’s Attire
“St. Louis, Mo., Dec 14.– Ruling that male attire was not unbecoming to Mrs. Mary Bertha Schmidt, alias ‘Mister Schmidt,’ judge Hogan, in police court here, refused to fine the young woman who for two years posed as a man and who ‘married’ her cousin, Anna Assade, last October. ‘I think you lo...
Bayard Rustin was an openly gay Black man who was Martin Luther King’s right hand man. He planned the Million Man March and was subject to scrutiny for his sexuality and deemed a “deviant” and “pervert”. Bayard Rustin can be found in nearly every picture of MLK yet he...
At one ball, Angelica dropped a garter that was swept gallantly off the floor by Hamilton. Angelica, who had a sly wit, teased him that he w...
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“Did you have sexual relations with that woman?” Clinton:
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what i learned today: in 1800 alexander hamilton and aaron burr were both defense lawyers for a guy who was accused of murder. they tried to cast suspicion on another guy who was near the scene of the crime, richard croucher. the details of what happened next are contentious, because the court trans...
Regardless of your personal politics, this is an amazing first in American Jewish History.  Kol hakavod Senator Sanders!
Imagine hearing about a play that ran for one night only.Everything you know about it is second-hand at best. If you’re lucky, you might be able to talk to someone who saw it. If you’re really lucky, they’ll even be telling the truth. More likely, everything that comes to you is of the “I know a guy...
History of japan is such a quality meme because it’s not just 1 or 2 sentences repeated over and over, it’s a 9 minute video filled with highly-quotable lines. There’s so much variety and so many opportunities to make memes with it and also it’s highly educational and the whole thing is just