• I need a book of these three done properly •
book 60's ram dass be here now be here now scan
1k edits i couldn't help myself fringe I love this meme FringeFox fringeedit this has probably been done before but whatever fringetxt* there will probably be more of these bc i have a ton of text posts saved
Grey's Anatomy Sandra Oh Viola Davis shonda rhimes chandra wilson how to get away with murder HTGAWM
my chemical romance mcr **gif **mine favlyrics favrevenge i'm so sorry about how bad this looks this series of gifsets just sharply decrease in quality thanks to revenge happening 10 years ago before cameras were invented these are all animated daguerretypes
1k * *gifs Hook ouat ouatedit chand hookedit I was tempted to make this 99% his scenes with pan because he was so done in all of those lmao which is fitting L B R
My art atla fan art legend of korra lok toph beifong book 4
Racism native american violence Signal Boost indigenous rapid city rushmore plaza civic center
animals vegan animal welfare vegetarian animal abuse
LOL spoilers egg EVERY TIME dragon age jak's art dragon age inquisition dragon age spoilers da:i Solas fucking back to ruin the fandom if any of these have been done before I am sorry
1k * my gifs mine the hobbit 5k 2k 4k 3k hobbit gifs auj hobbitedit tolkienedit aujedit blondefelicity this has probably been done before a thousand times but okay
art starbucks coffee zelda skyward sword ink doodle mermaid legend of zelda twilight princess hyrule wind waker majora's mask ocarina of time triforce siren supersmashbros coffee sleeve sleevebucks
dragon age DA:O da:i da:2 trash tag things i do at 7 am also yes there are all three games main characters in here lmao
whatever you do: don’t tell your baby girls that when a boy is mean to them, it’s because he has a crush on her. don’t teach your little girl that abuse is a sign of affection. don’t do it
art ferdowsi Russian Illustrator llustration asylum-art stories books Library of World Literature for Children N. I. Maltsev
we’d all be better, happier people if we stopped reading Romeo and Juliet as a love story and started reading it as a tale of two young people struggling to assert their independence under failed adult authority and an environment of toxic masculinity
harry potter james potter Minerva McGonagall marauders professor mcgonagall
Sophia Myles the girl in the fireplace dwedit Reinette Poisson moffat love moffat's women series *by moffatappreciationlife I wanted to draw a Doctor/Reinette parallel with the last paragraph I'm not sure whether I succeeded at doing this
Official Art legend of korra the krew Book 3 art book And where are the posters for Bumi and Tenzin? They were ~at least~ as visible as Asami in the airbender rescue operation in 304
1k arrow ai john diggle david ramsey arrowedit mine*gif show: arrow char: john diggle johndiggleedit Diggleedit
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