• I need a book of these three done properly •
comics sharks jaws pre-order Megan Nicole Dong sketchshark bruce comics
Illustration My art original Witch Knight artists on tumblr swords tarot Sara Kipin suit of swords it's finally done!
doctor who bill sketches it's going to be great Pearl Mackie seriously we need a last name i usually don't tag actors but in the meantime yes team eyebrows
hamilton lin manuel miranda time 100 lmmedit hamilton gifs
Even if I were to wake up with amnesia, he could still walk into my hospital room and I’d fall in love all over again, despite not knowing m...
fashion dress gown hubble space telescope spitzer space telescope 30 doradus NGC 602 Fashion Friday fashionfriday space fashion chandra x-ray observatory fridayfashion Friday fashion astrofashion ss16 Spring/Summer 2016 SundayStars Sunday Stars StarrySunday Starry Sunday Astro Fashion NGC602 30doradus 30Dor 30 Dor Serbia Fashion Week SerbiaFashionWeek Jirina Tauchmanova JirinaTauchmanova space gown
ghost FREAKING OUT msa Mystery Skulls Mystery Skulls Animated wELL DONE I am impressed
photography artists on tumblr photographers on tumblr lord.. this took 2 days to get bc i kept having to make new sets of candles and they took like 5 hours to properly freeze each time gfdjhjhgfhjgf
animals science life in the dark Danté Fenolio
1k 5k *gifs Sansa Stark has this been done already gotedit gotsansastark asoiafedit
i need to go to bed ughhhhh madi draws things Tango 2016 it's too late omgcheckplease eric bittle omgcp idk this new one's full name sorryyyy derek nurse idk if it's ooc for nursey to be the one telling him but i just wanted to draw him and he already gave tango brain pains once why not twice i think i just made a really bad joke.......... edit: I FORGOT NURSEY'S TATTOO i'm not editing
lit Neil Gaiman fantasy sci fi penguin galaxy
dark souls dark souls 3 bingo I have so many leftover suggestion I should make a drinking game HYPE TRAIN HAS NO BREAKS sure do hope people are still reblogging this from me while I fix the typos
1k mygifs mine lord of the rings Frodo Baggins The Fellowship of the Ring lotredit tolkienedit MY TINY SON i adopted another one good for u kate also trying new ways to colour because i'm so done with the current ones besides these films' colours are incredible now let me listen to the soundtrack and cry
art about me My art myart artists on tumblr oils oilpaint paintin but what kind these in the picture are fake but I like them A LOT
gif 1k mine parallels 5k 2k 10k leia organa sw edit poe dameron sorry kasdan i disagree with you cause poe 100% is leia
every bioware animation
back of the head scratcha character shaking their head in disbelief or disgust with hand on their forehead, looking downthat kiss animation used since origins and in every mass effect game where they very slowly go in, hesitate, bop their heads around, and really go in for the kiss  when a characte...
1k *mine the walking dead twd spoilers twdedit twd comics i hate this but i spent like 2 hours on it so also i cheated a lil bc instead of glenn there it should be heath but heath is not here so this is literally the ugliest thing i have ever made also @scott gimple fuck u it hsould read '....it???????????????' bc as i said fuck u gimple basically had the finale done better this could also be better maybe i'll update this in october with whoever ends up getting it idk
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