• I really like the hair???? •
vishnu positive vibes raise your frequency calm and patience virtues of the truth raise your vibration
meditation sutra full awareness of breathing
meditation tm
love cute beautiful kiss amazing kelly kapowski saved by the bell zac morris
betsey johnson
glee rachel berry lea michele Quinn Fabray Dianna Agron faberry i will now tag this as this oh well. look at what the homosexuals have done to me i ship it i ship it i ship it never thought i would make a glee gif too many tags i know your precious face dianna i can't even swear at it
doctor who David Tennant Tenth Doctor Bradley James Arthur Pendragon Merlin colin morgan mydw mym I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS SCENE WHILE WATCHING idk ten can go to camelot and look for arthur b/c he needs him and merlin would be like o_o who's that dude
mine lyrics artwork fireworks fireworks band pop punk punk Gospel i was born in the dark
me doctor who giveaway sherlock wholock river song dr who journal silliestlovesongs
my shit J.K Rowling i will never get over this THE ONLY REALLY IMPORTANT THING well done heyman there was ONE thing and you fucked it up
art Aang katara fan art Korra legend of korra the legend of korra
I wonder if at Avenger parties at Stark Tower Tony lays down on the floor where the Loki imprint was...
Benedict Cumberbatch andrew scott ANDREW LOOKS LIKE A DASHING PRINCE benedict looks FRIGHTENING fsdgsdhsd
Harry Styles One Direction 1D edit fan i feel like a creep omfg
One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Ziam Zayn and Liam liam and zayn monmon i dont think u udnerstand how much i love rhem like loveeeeee to the point where i wanna cry
tony stark Steve Rogers not really though CAP x TONY *g2 Johnny Storm sometimes ideas pop up in the back of my head and I can't ignore them.
rupert grint Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson hpcast
1k * pretty little liars gifs spencer hastings aria montgomery Lucy Hale troian Bellisario sparia Spencer x Aria 2x21 this bit was the best tbh overgiffed moments are overgiffed but ye when you can't really be bothered to make pretty colorings
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