love light mine depression perfect sky photograph city dark blue clouds nature storm magical pale I'm in love melancholy
art comic reaper winston zenyatta long post tracer Overwatch McCree Soldier 76 also i made a timesplitter ref just to keep up my niche references because i'm fucking stupid
keeping up with the american elections while not being american like
Back to the Future Christopher Lloyd emmett brown bttf doc brown we did it 10000 notes video link has been updated... apologies guys... the video in the original link got taken down ok i'm going back to slight hibernation to get these 2500 words TO UNI COMPLETION FOREVER OMG so glad colbert is on break this week... perfect timing my good man
gif Black and White sad lyrics pain alone gerard way frank lero mikey way my chemical romance mcr ray toro Bob Bryar my chem depressive I'm Not Okay Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge mcr gif mcr lyrics i'm not okay lyrics
photoset gif gifs female confidence women sorry gif set work feminist gifset feminism i'm sorry women's rights working women in the workplace feminism gif
my gifs islam Kurbaan bollywood Saif Ali Khan islamophobia bollywood2 preetpreet1k for chibijinebra I'm so sorry I couldn't gif my name is khan like you wanted x this coloring is so ugly I'm so sorry
*sudden realization that next year is like 3 weeks away*
i'm dead
The life of a pet owner: “What are you eating? OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU EATING???”
We Are Never Ever Getting Bad Blood (Mashup)
Taylor Swift  1989 is Red
This time I’m telling I’m telling you ‘cause baby now we got b...
jennifer lawrence leonardo dicaprio Amy Adams gg Golden Globes 13 things I do when I'm bored not funny i know
1000 10000 feminism 5000 ad publicity i just thought this was bloody brilliant i'm sorry how do i tag???
1k edits 5k 2k 10k sexism 50k CNN sexual harassment 100k catcalling amanda seales steve santagati shit with the amount of notes this is getting i'm gonna regret posting it rip: my activity page
my gifs vogue feminism bollywood madhuri dixit domestic violence bollywood 2 vogue india preetpreet1k vogue empower blame the people who made the ad not me bruh still i'm glad it's evoking some kind of emotion
Also, posting this video I forgot that I made. But my mom fo...
Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner 505 i'm going back to 505
I'm making jokes because otherwise it's infuriating
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