Kids React to 5 Seconds of Summer [x]
It’s actually funny because I met Christina Aguilera and I thought for sure that would be an exciting moment in my life. And I was lik...
~ robert pattinson kristen stewart But oh well breaking dawn rk robert pattinson~ kristen stewart~ screamingggg the coloring on the boat moments it horrible bd*
1k news screamingggg Thor 3 I knew it but we have a confirmation more Loki
Stepping on Jordans in the hood prank this is the cardinal s...
i'm not okay i'm not okay i'm not okay i'm not i'm not okayi'm not okay i'm not okay i'm not okay i'...
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm sorry
I first wound up in a panel of women who do fan art and fan fiction surrounding the current TV incarnation of Teen Wolf. And you know what t...
“A love triangle heats up among Marley, Jake and Ryder”
i’m sorry but every time i see this post i just
1k my gifs doctor who dw dwedit i'm late i'm late i'm late i'm late i'm late i'm late i'm late the font took so long bye
Black and White depression sad suicidal pain hurt alone broken hopeless cry worthless i hate myself i'm sorry i want to DIE depressive I'm Not Okay I'm a loser I WANT TO CRY helpless i'm a mess i'm a bad person depressing quotes i'm a terrible person I'm Lost I'm not good enough i want to disappear depressing thoughts I'm falling apart
An avox walks into a bar and says
louis tomlinson Harry Styles mine harryxlouis i'm i'm i'm
doctor who mine dwedit i'm bored and i'm alone so i'm just gonna make stupid gifs
mine dean winchester i'm so sAD i'm so mad i'm so?????????
i have to give oral next week