• I'm going to barf •
* Billy Crystal meg ryan when harry met sally *WHMS I'm going to barf
yells i'm sorry sketch barf steven universe steven yuriverse
so a bunch of us were going through our facebooks and I found this picture from a photo album from when I was a kid and ohmygod TELETUBBIES SAY HELLO
Today the world was greeted with the announcement of a fully 3D Pokemon game and a new David Bowie album. And not to mention two beautiful end of the world films, The World’s End and This is the End on the way. AND MORE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Is this our reward for surviving the apocalypse? Is ...
I'm going to focus on myself. Im going to take care of myself. I'm going to love my self.
∘☽ ∘
Welp! Time to play Amnesia! 
Rowan Atkinson blackadder i'm going to have a party and no one's invited but me i'm having a party i'm going to have a party
I do not need to justify eating. I do not get to decide if I have done anything to deserve it. There will never be a reason I don’t deserve it. I am a human. I need to eat. It is a basic human need and there is no debating that. I need to eat.
doctor who twitter good enough brittany posts things i'm gonna barf
mine Zarry i'm going to count this as zarry because and kristie i'm going to pretend i didn't see your tags on the video
the thought of going back to school after the holidays terrifies me
i'm going to choke myself with a pineapple
Fuck this, I'm going to Dalton
No teachers Hot boys everywhere Kick-ass no bullying policy Homework is only for throwing They give you a free pet just for joining You never have to worry about what to wear Sexiness is encouraged There’s a slow-motion hallway There’s a special room only for drinking coffee and making o...
Niall Horan i'm going to pass out
12:08 am, 12/21/12  hoards of moose are now stampeding through the streets. i hear my neighbours looting from one another and then apologizing about it  the apocalypse has arrived in canada 
this has 10k I'm going to @ staff now
  • Raoul:Christine Daaé, where is your blood orange scarf?
  • Phantom:it's fucking red
  • me:*kisses my beautiful wife*
  • my son, a child:ew, cooties!
  • me:son, how many times must you kink shame me under my own roof