• I'm going to barf •
so a bunch of us were going through our facebooks and I found this picture from a photo album from when I was a kid and ohmygod TELETUBBIES SAY HELLO
Welp! Time to play Amnesia! 
mine Zarry i'm going to count this as zarry because and kristie i'm going to pretend i didn't see your tags on the video
less than 3 months until the avengers dvd deleted scenes deleted scenes DELETED SCENES
i'm just going to leave this here bye
Okay, I’m already half asleep but have you guys seen what’s written on Jonghyun’s right shoulder? “SHINee World.” If you think about leaving the fandom because of him, also think about the fact that everything he has done in the past four years was for your sorry ass. I...
Art is hard.
If you’re happy in your fandom, clap your hands!If you’re happy in your fandom, clap your hands!If you’re happy in your fandom, and you really want to show it,Then don’t send anon hate or post offensive stuff in the tags where everyone else can see or act like you’re th...
What I'm going to do next time I'm embarrassed
doctor who twitter good enough brittany posts things i'm gonna barf
hell humor I'm going to hell sense of humor
* The Hunger Games yay colors oh god i'm totally not going to tag everyone xoxo
i’m just trying to blog in the student lounge and these guys jacked the projector to play black ops and this girl came along and was like “OMG I LOVE THIS GAME I’M SUCH A WEIRD GIRL” i just
Wanna hear a joke?  What did Jensen’s left leg say to his right leg? Nothing, because they’ve never met. 
we’re getting the box scene this tuesday this tuesday?
things I'm going to do at the beach this summer:
swim tan relax build things in the sand kneel in the water and shout ‘WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE’
stuff archer i'm not going to make more archer gifs...i don't think
5 days until I become a Doctor Who blog again enjoy what time you have left motherfuckers.