• I'm gonna need stephen to throw that hat away •
mine arrow Stephen Amell arrowedit i'm tired of it mine: cast mine: amell I'm gonna need stephen to throw that hat away
The Summer Set brian dales stephen gomez john gomez Jess Bowen josh montgomery cabbages °° °°tss they are all singing i'm gonna throw up settle precious
supernatural Jensen Ackles dean *g spnedit jo says that i need to post more my stuff i'm gonna try but i'm so lazy but i will okay
homestuck Dave Strider My art bro strider strudels I'm still not over that hat I'm actually gonna work on commissions now oh boy
fo porter felicia porter excuse me ma'am i'm gonna need you to not be so gorgeous that locklear brat
*mine one piece Straw Hat Pirates opgraphics 99.9% of the reason i decided to make this was because of Robin's eyes and i'm gonna 100% regret the time i spent making this instead of using that time to study for my midterm tmr...
Fix-It Felix Pencil Test by Jin Kim
lady gaga gifs the fame lovegame artpop
I'm going to college and need to get rid of stuff!
Hello everybody, so I have never done a give away but to celebrate getting 350 followers I want to give away some of my playbills! I’ve been collecting them for quite some time and I have a doubles that I don’t need. The winner of my giveaway will get to choose two of my many playbills t...
1k mine stephen colbert 5k liam 10k 500 pca14 !!!! AHHHH fucking tumblr errors i swear to fucking god i am gonna throw something
do NOT out trans people. if someone is confused as to what gender someone is, you can let them know their gender and pronouns, but you do NOT need to specify that they are trans. this shouldn’t be surprising but most trans people don’t like being outed. stop outing trans people and putti...
Daniel Radcliffe *** Ben Foster kill your darlings lOOK AT HIM I'M GONNA CRY if this isn't your favorite thing you're wrong i need to stop wanting to gif the scenes that are super fucking hard to gif ugh
Photofunsies ilyls smuuut wt caerdydd hahah I'M SO TIRED CAN YOU TELL? i need some sleep i am clearly delirious louis' smile though i'll answer my messages tomorrow guys im too sleepy to do it now...
louis tomlinson One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne 3 zouis Ziam 1 2 5 8 6 *H PRO TIP TO LOUIS: you're gonna have to actually look away from liam at some point to actually land the hat on zayn trio:lpltzm a series of escalating dares wwa:ppp wwa:movie lilo:2014 god i love that they both just carry on talking being loved by louis tomlinson means getting used to the fact that sometimes he's gonna idly mess with you just to remind himself and you and anyone in the vicinity that you belong to him
me: wow this is fucked upvagina: idk it’s kinda hot :|me: vagina novagina: ( ?° ?? ?°)
mine Irene Adler lara pulver SherlockEdit adleration asib* brandyalexanders i'm in such a pissy mood right now i literally will throw knives at a watermelon i do that when i'm mad :l i use a fucking watermelon as target practice because i haven't gotten around to my knife board and my cousin's moved + he has a baby now so we don't get practice that much w/ martial arts i need a release so yeah watermelons why the fuck not
funny film mine fuck you subtitles 80's mp eric idle monty python I LOVE YOU ERIC yup screen shot wise words too many tags meaning of life GueSS WHAt I WATcheD ToNIGht sorry i had to screencap this i laughed for like five minutes i'm gonna go throw up after that one scene omg do you know how hard it was to get that last shot i dunno whatever i thought this was a good idea thank god for netflix monty python and the meaning of life
Fangirl Challenge
inspired by [x] with slight changes. feel free to use it! :) [10] tv shows [5] movies [10] female characters [10] male characters [10] pairings [10] friendships [5] families [5] pilots [7] opening credits [5] quotes [5] heartbreaking scenes/moments [5] heartwarming scenes/moments [7] character death...
* chris colfer i'm gonna throw up