• I'm really upset about this ok •
gore My art comic kinda snk Marco Bodt Jean Kirschstein I'm really upset about this ok
assassin's creed E3 Ubisoft I'm really upset about this ok i am fully prepared to give this company hell and not my money
she had a perfect way to die, mapped out in her head she didn’t want to be helpless or afraid anymore and she wasn’t even at the very end, she wan’t 
gif politics news Charleston really upset about this
1k One Direction liam payne * ~ 5k am i too late i'm sitll really upset about it
Illustration spoilers My art Fanart zelda link ALBW the legend of zelda: a link between worlds ravio I'M REALLY UPSET ABOUT THIS GAME tloz:albw
1k ` keahu kahuanui ok ok ok and his cuteness hobriens and i wanted to gif this my one and only sunshine i know i said hiatus but i saw keahu's insta video and i've been really stressed out and upset lately and seeing him happy and seeing him enjoying himself makes me happy to share the happiness (this has probably been giffed 300 times i'm too scared to check his tag) okay bye FOR REAL this time also tongue alsO I WANT TO GO HIKING
i love hetalia hetalia’s my favorite thing i dont know where id be without hetalia hetalia’s still my main interest most of what i draw is hetalia getting into hetalia was the best decision i ever made idk where people are getting the idea that hetalia’s dying out but it makes me u...
1k pray for korea PrayForSouthKorea pray for south korea I'm too upset over this I can't put it into words hoping that they are all ok is all we can do just thinking about this is bringing me to tears i can't even begin to imagine how the families which have been affected feel right now Can we just all take a minute to pray.... please
1k mygifs game of thrones daenerys targaryen jorah mormont jorah x dany got* gotedit dany x jorah I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS I'M JUST REALLY UPSET AND EMOTIONAL OK
mine tyler hoechlin tw cast i'm really weirdly upset about his driver's license
1k sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch ben gif p: cheekbones i'm really really really really really upset about your cheekbones
doctor who my stuff anyway dwedit OK HERE U GO hella tardis edit uh ok i did another one um i wanted to make a blue tardis since everyone was upset by my red one for some reason im really insecure about this one sooo i made this while listening to the snk ost so idk what kind of influence that had
s/o to every closeted person hearing about the pulse shooting who has to act normal and unconcerned so as not to act ‘suspiciously upset’ I see you & I understand
~ 1000 sdcc Teen Wolf tyler hoechlin twedit p: tyler hoechlin hoechlin~ god you think you're soooo funny don't you i hate you sO MUCH LOOK AT HIS FUCKING GRIN AT THE END i'm so upset i love this cast so much
stop fucking reblogging this akaperfect STOP ITS A JOKE ITS NOT MU POST I'm just gonna put an explanation in the tags okay so Carson texted me this and I was like haha i just reblogged this cause I had just reblogged this post at the time and so i posted it for like one second and I thought it would be ok because no one ever reblogs my posts but of course people reblogged it and now it has notes and I am really sorry bc im not trying to steal this post at all I am really upset and I feel bad so that is all I am going to say please do not reblog this
draws ?? spn spoilers i'm really upset hael anobviousaside periaptly Can we talk about how Hael not only inspired art and beauty in mankind but also kindness can we talk about how kindness was a reocurring theme in this episode starting with the truck driver who gave cas a ride and money and cas who agreed to take Hael to her creation and ezekiel who came to help dean and death who gave Sam a chance tumblr resizes so much
*me, late at night, wearing a floor length silk ballgown eating chocolate dipped strawberries while gracefully sprawled on a chaise lounge in a castle somewhere*: jeeves bring me my Nintendo Device i must weed my town and see how my dearest Isabelle is doing
RIP THIS IS NOT FAIR Philip Seymour Hoffman 1000* Psh i'm so upset ok??