• I'm still not totally happy with it but heeeey •
sherlock My art sherlock holmes 2k mycroft holmes you don't even know sh:art the amount of grief i had with mycroft i'm still not happy but sod it i'm done with these i can't look at them anymore XD
1k mygifs the vampire diaries delena elena gilbert damon salvatore tvd omg this took me so long it was ridiculouuuus still not sure if i'm happy with it but oh well
my gifs s3 sherlock sherlock holmes my stuff bbc sherlock johnlock sherlock spoilers sherlock gifs SherlockEdit oh my god this took forever his last vow my sfw stuff damn colouring i'm still not completely happy with it but i am happy with it enough
my gifs doctor who amy pond eleventh doctor mine tangled lyrics river song crossover oh well melody pond river x eleven FINALLY posting this Healing Incantation dwedit queen of the universe i'm still not happy with it but
gif 1k mine Ziam colourmeziam i'm sorry ilo i couldn't do better it doesn't really look like i have planned and i'm not happy with it but i still hope you like it sub!liam squad :))) are all of the gifs working ok? my laptop is being dumb :/
exo tao Kai and yeah Kris ot12 i'm sorry i was bored ugh it started out okay but i'm not happy with the result ughugh
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photoset gif 1k Nick Jonas i hate this so much i've literally got so insecure about my psds lately omfg i'm only posting this 'cause it's taken me 3 hours but i'm not happy with it at all omfg i wanna die dfjhkshlfdabudisgkajsdgbsodlfjaisdoghasldfSODHADFH
1k * fifth harmony normani kordei im not totally happy with this but i need to post it before h er birthday is over  fu ck
1k my gifs American Psycho Christian Bale Patrick Bateman favhorchars it was so hard to choose 4 moments to gif and i'm not even totally happy with these
i love when religious dudes are like “jacking off isn’t a sin but it is frowned upon” like god’s watching me pummel my meat with a big sour look on his face like “technically this is my fault for not being more specific but i’m not happy with this at all”
game of thrones but still peter dinklage lena headey yayyy Diana Rigg gotedit emmys 2014 so happy for lena and diana i'm happy for peter too ofc but that's not a surprise lol not so happy for d&d
boyfriend mine ugh SWIMMING ANIME free! makoto tachibana tachibana makoto free! iwatobi swim club Free! Eternal summer still edit how does one make transparent gifs it takes way too long wth i'm not satisfied with this nope nope i'm thinking of making edits like these for everone but it will take a really long time it's so embarassing to type my own made up text don't look at me idk if this will get notes bc i totally forgot that today's new ep of free! so ofc no one's gonna care about your lame edit luce
500 sleepy hollow orlando jones frank irving myshgifs captain frank irving he got swgger totally not happy with this but whatevs
mine kh sora khgifs riku Kairi goofy mickey so yeah donald heeeey mine:kh i know there are gifs from the first kingdom hearts but it started with another thing and well
i'm not even sorry school 2013 kim woo bin lee jong suk well maybe I am a little that finger cares killed me and I'd totally understood if WB touched a knee but it looks like a handjob nerjaveikagif 3d gif is like a porn to me what's WB doing with a thumb? And JS is so relaxed like it happens everyday it probably does
myedits lightning claire farron lightning farron Final Fantasy XIII FFXIII not sure if i'm happy with this edit but it's lightning for crying out loud anything with lightning in it is beautiful i'm being cheesy
steve carell mine Kristen Wiig saturday night live Fred Armisen howie mandel this has been forever in my drafts cause I was not happy with it and it's suuuper random haha but i thought I post it now anyway cause I don't have time rn to make something new I'm still studying for my finals yukkk
my edits mine queue tom hiddleston hiddles hiddleston hiddlesedit but it'll do you guys have no idea how hard this picture was to colour everything looked so yellow and orange i'm still not 100% happy with the result