• I'm still not totally happy with it but heeeey •
my gifs s3 sherlock sherlock holmes my stuff bbc sherlock johnlock sherlock spoilers sherlock gifs SherlockEdit oh my god this took forever his last vow my sfw stuff damn colouring i'm still not completely happy with it but i am happy with it enough
1k mygifs the vampire diaries delena elena gilbert damon salvatore tvd omg this took me so long it was ridiculouuuus still not sure if i'm happy with it but oh well
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photoset gif 1k Nick Jonas i hate this so much i've literally got so insecure about my psds lately omfg i'm only posting this 'cause it's taken me 3 hours but i'm not happy with it at all omfg i wanna die dfjhkshlfdabudisgkajsdgbsodlfjaisdoghasldfSODHADFH
1k my gifs American Psycho Christian Bale Patrick Bateman favhorchars it was so hard to choose 4 moments to gif and i'm not even totally happy with these
myedits lightning claire farron lightning farron Final Fantasy XIII FFXIII not sure if i'm happy with this edit but it's lightning for crying out loud anything with lightning in it is beautiful i'm being cheesy
i'm not even sorry school 2013 kim woo bin lee jong suk well maybe I am a little that finger cares killed me and I'd totally understood if WB touched a knee but it looks like a handjob nerjaveikagif 3d gif is like a porn to me what's WB doing with a thumb? And JS is so relaxed like it happens everyday it probably does
mine ouat ouatedit reginamillsedit emmaswanedit hookedit nealfireedit i wanted to try something not sure how i feel about it but I'm still quite happy
500 sleepy hollow orlando jones frank irving myshgifs captain frank irving he got swgger totally not happy with this but whatevs
mine Sokka atla Avatar: the last airbender toph toph bei fong tokka wow this is so late i'm sorry masooma i'm not happy with it but i'm not re-doing it again
1k spoilers mine so yeah Shameless Shameless US e* 500* shameless spoilers shamelessedit shm* not that happy with this one i'm still reeling tbh it was hard to focus on coloring
dean winchester onionchester %spn %spnsets 6.02 look at them both trYING SO HARD i'm not happy at this colouring but i'm going with it dad of the year
gif 1k mine sorry gifset uhh jack frost rise of the guardians rotg rotgedit yeah you can can you see his face on the last one and he hopes Jamie can see his adorable face too but he's still afraid that Jamie won't answer just like Jack is not here i'm sick and my fever makes me say stupid things i'm totally queueing it
1k doctor who edit But oh well 2k Christopher Eccleston nine ninth doctor 3k dwedit i'm not entirely happy with this one just with parts of it IN LESS THAN TWO HOURS WHAT THE FUCK THANK YOU DOCTOR WHO TUMBLR OMG but honestly tho what the fuck
1k * Gremma ouat* cs graphic ouatedit hookedit grahamedit I'm not saying that they totally did it on purpose but they totally did it on purpose
1k mygifs spoilers Teen Wolf ;___; stiles stilinski lydia martin stydia tw* stiles x lydia martinski LOL WHAT IS THIS IT'S SO UGLY I'M SORRY this scene was surprisingly hard to colour considering it's a daytime one ughhhhh spent so long on this and am still unhappy with it but i really needed an outlet for my feels mY NEVERENDING FEELS still not over it never over it
February 25th, 2013, first words I heard, clear as a bell: “Castiel the angel is saved”
1k mine game of thrones Sansa Stark sandor clegane gif request gotedit idgie nols adventures in ps i think i managed to do the coloring ok here considering it was such a dark scene still not perfect yet but I'm ok with it like i want it to be slightly less grainy but i don't know how??? idk anyways this is one of my fave scenes in the show
ugh dramione dramione[1] i tried you guys but i'm still not happy JKBGASDJKFSF i need more practice!