perfect aubrey plaza I DON'T USUALLY POST AUBREY BUT THIS SHOOT OMFG edit: aubrey e1k
free! Nitori Aiichirou rintori well i guess it's more nitori fantasizing by himself lmao don't usually post anything for rintori pairing but this pic is so hilarious wtf is with rin's chin
Samoyed I don't usually post so close back to back but this just happened and I can't not!
woohyun infinite but he's so cute katya: gif omfg I really don't know if I can post this or not loen made the video private so fast
naya rivera (*) i don't usually care about naya but this picture is so pretty
I usually don't promo, but this is worth it.
It’s a math help blog. Seriously. They help people with math. http://maths-help.tumblr.com/ GUYS THEY HELP YOU WITH MATH
reasons why i called them problematic! at the disco: some people have requested that i make a larger list of reasons why i feel panic! at the disco are problematic. so i’m going to do that. brendon’s twerking video is cultural appropriation even if he only did it ironically or whatever that was he m...
1k mine2 block B zico Taeil Jaehyo P.O ukwon Bbomb kyung this shoot is great omfg i'm dkfgdsds i think this is the first time one of my photo edits reach 1k omg it's usually only gifs
Illustration nebula Marvel gotg guardians of the galaxy gamora i don't usually post fanart here but i wanted to share
do you ever cry because harry looks fantastic in hoodies, sweaters (or jumpers, whatever tickles your fancy) coats (basically anything with long sleeves) and scarves? because you’re about to (????) (not included: blazers. i don’t got that kinda time) it counts shut up plus look how ...
hydrogen. helium. lithium. beryllium. only the avatar can master all 118 elements
My art Personal I DON'T KNOW my post sorry I made a thing GUH 25k i've been posting a lot more things that i wouldn't usually post and i feel like it's good and necessary but at the same time it makes me really self conscious and i don't know if that's actually helping in any case i'm just going to go ahead and post this really late at night soooo
levi i'll shut up now shingeki no kyojin eruri erwin smith this is my favorite fan art ever but I've seen it only once on tumblr and it was unsourced I don't usually post anything from pixiv BUT I NEEDED THIS ON MY BLOG
I don't usually obsess over famous guys but River is the exception
lord of the rings LOTR Frodo Baggins **** i swear lotredit okay i'm done for now i don't usually post more than one edit at a time but i had a surprise day off and needed a much needed photoshop break
1k martin freeman 02 photoshootedit sherlockcastedit i don't usually edit the celebs but this was so beautiful
ok but can we please take in Biden’s reaction to the slayage pls #squad
* house Jeremy Renner because reasons I don't usually watch House but this episode was fantastic
my stuff Norman Reedus twdcast p:reedus reedusfamily i don't usually edit norman's pic but i needed this on my blod before going to bed