* kpop exo EXO-M exo m Lay yixing idek how to feel about this i kinda really like it but  oh well two weeks without touching photoshop how do i live i finished the essay too so eheheheh anyway whoever requested this i hope you like it because i haven't edited yixing's face in forever one request down nine more to go have i ever mentioned that yixing has a very very prominent profile? because he does oh he does where is lien i'm dedicating this to her because of her encouragement and fabulousness ok
Harry Styles *** King photosets* i hate whoever requested this
Dear whoever is reading this, you'll meet 1D. Never lose hope. Dreams do come true, just believe.
my gifs ouran high school host club haruhi fujioka ohshc mitsukuni haninozuka i just really like their friendship so this is for that anon that requested honey a while ago hope it's okay that i included haruhi
photoset request architecture photosets scotland countryside castles edinburgh i hope this is what you wanted
1k mine les miserables vikings grantaire george blagden mine: les mis blagdog athelstan ok i hate myself for this it took a long time to dl the vid of him in the beanie tho i hope ur satisfied by this
1k mine 5h requested fifth harmony camren cc* lj* okk i hope this is what you were talking about lol if not then just let me know i was going to put words but shes speaking spanish so yea idk ((ps click the gifs))
jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean johnny depp gif: potc1 someone requested this in gif form credit to whoever made the original whoever that might be
** Tom Felton 500 edit* tfedit i'm never friends with photoshop my[stuff]4 not satisfied this is plain i mean srsly
homestuck rose kanaya trollmegle chat log Kanaya as Dave
pokemon xy hall of lame Pokemon XY
* exo tao Kai sehun Luhan Kris baekhyun suho d.o oh!11 the advisor is actually the caterpillar but i didn't want to call poor sehun that this is for the anon who requested exo/alice i did try to make it as you requested but it ended up like this I'M SORRY!!!!1 hope you like it nonetheless (this was an awful lot of work so you better) (ok maybe not) (or maybe yes) /stares/
photoset the oc ryan atwood marissa cooper mischa barton ben mckenzie marissa x ryan THIS IS SO TRAGIC AND SAD I WILL NEVER GET OVER MARISSA'S DEATH some anon requested a Ryan & Marissa photoset AND IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A HAPPY ONE but then i started watching some videos about them and got depressed and this photoset ended up like this i hope you like it anon xoxo
1k american horror story Evan Peters mine AHS jessica lange for the anon who requested this sarah paulson ahs asylum hope this is okay :) American Horror Asylum
OMG HAHAHAHAH HAHAH AW KRIS alksjdailej this is fun hahahaha omg I love you whoever made this nathan your uncle ahahahahahha
merthur merlinedit kolinahrs wow this took me so long but i hope you like it aisu!!! it only took ages because i made like one gif a day and im super lazy but here it is
1k supernatural my stuff sam winchester Jared Padalecki i tried mine:spn spnedit i hope this is alright timeiswhatturnkittensintocats
tate langdon Evan Peters 1000 10000 *gifs 500 ahs: 1x12 5000 2000 *ahs american horor story ahs: murder house this was a request on my old blog so i hope the person who requested this is still able to see this and i'm sorry about the coloring but the scene was so freaking dark
1k mygifs Teen Wolf stiles stilinski lydia martin stydia tw* stiles x lydia martinski omg i'm so sorry to this anon whoever you are this request took me a month just because i completely forgot about it! i hope you still want it bb; i'm so sorry it took me ages to get my ass into gear haha