mygifs requested ^^ Bright Star hope you like it anon! movieedit this film is so pretty periodedit perioddramaedit
jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean johnny depp gif: potc1 someone requested this in gif form credit to whoever made the original whoever that might be
* 1000 500 700 i hope this is what you wanted tvdedit delenaedit damonedit defanedit baemon i tried with the font i hope it's not too bad
gif 1000 mystuff 500 okay 100 skye phil coulson hope you like it! fitzsimmons agents of shield Jemma Simmons Melinda May Leo Fitz aosedit philinda antoine triplett aosexchange this is for the aos holiday exchange :) merry christmas to whoever my recipient is! it was really fun making this also i made it a few weeks ago so i had no idea about trip and this is really not meant to be painful so let's just pretend nothing bad happened to him okay?
1k * requests amethyst hope you like it SU 2.5k steven universe suedit I hope this is what you meant amethyst su stevenuniverseedit *amethyst two of these don't really fit into the dork category now that i think about it
homestuck rose kanaya trollmegle chat log Kanaya as Dave
sky high Disneyedit monika film: sky high someone requested this so i watched the movie and i actualy quite liked it so thank you to whoever requested it
ken vixx jaehwan lee jaehwan p:edit p:gif can't tell you how much i smiled while making this if you're having a bad day i hope this post makes you feel better because lee jaehwan is a comical idiot xD so many feels sometimes i wonder why you're not my bias along with hongbin actually u are okay shhh whoever marries you will never be sad ever
1k dean winchester i don't even know man spnedit deanwinchestersheart hope this is okay! spndeanwinchester xcryforthemoon nosignofwings wingspala endversenetwork Mark of Cain jess i tried to make you something pretty
1k mine 5h requested fifth harmony camren cc* lj* okk i hope this is what you were talking about lol if not then just let me know i was going to put words but shes speaking spanish so yea idk ((ps click the gifs))
mine Picspam supernatural ugh dean winchester spnedit long post for ts jaredbottoms ela i hope you like thisss i tried.mp3 i spent so long on this but i'm so far from satisfied its not even funny i'm losing my touch
1k mine les miserables vikings grantaire george blagden mine: les mis blagdog athelstan ok i hate myself for this it took a long time to dl the vid of him in the beanie tho i hope ur satisfied by this
** Tom Felton 500 edit* tfedit i'm never friends with photoshop my[stuff]4 not satisfied this is plain i mean srsly
1k Lee Pace requested by long post leepaceedit *gif 3 *filmo hiddlesluscious i hope this is okay???
1k * Grey's Anatomy CALZONA callie torres arizona robbins adorable idiots greysedit *calzonameme requested by herfa231 I hope this is what you meant!
art mine Masterpiece i should've just let myself spend all my money on this so special i hope whoever buys this makes good use
1k mygifs Teen Wolf stiles stilinski lydia martin stydia tw* stiles x lydia martinski omg i'm so sorry to this anon whoever you are this request took me a month just because i completely forgot about it! i hope you still want it bb; i'm so sorry it took me ages to get my ass into gear haha
OMG HAHAHAHAH HAHAH AW KRIS alksjdailej this is fun hahahaha omg I love you whoever made this nathan your uncle ahahahahahha
pokemon xy hall of lame Pokemon XY