Harry Styles Niall Horan mine narry i just manip* im crying narry* someone get photoshop away from me i want this in poster size I THINK THIS IS MY FAV MANIP I EVER MADE IM MAKING MYSELF CRY
1k ~ Demi Lovato selena gomez manip semi I guess I'll post this now this is the best manip i ever made i think thats that ship name right
photoset gif mine naya rivera lea michele omfg riverchele manip babies THIS IS THE EBST THING EVER ash i made this for us santanasberry
homestuck wasted what am I doing upd8 caliborn image manip this is now my fuckign legacy i made this at like 3:30 am
me: sends important text that took a lot of guts to sendme: immediately turns off wifi, data, the phone itself, my laptop, hides both in a safe, hybernates self for 1.000 years,
photoset gerard way my chemical romance mcr smoking gerard smoking do not repost these separately i think this is one of the best things i've ever made
justin bieber edit justin I THINK THIS IS MY FAV EDIT
*me during the zombie apocalypse*
ew we’re out of water bottles  does my mom like expect me to drink peasant water 
fav doctor who mine Billie Piper Rose Tyler Mickey Smith Jackie Tyler My Girl SO MANY FEELS Noel Clarke camille coduri dwedit and idk man this is exactly how I feel about the doctor at least the way I felt with nine and ten they made me believe I should fight for what I wanted they made me feel important people may think this is bullshit but it's true they made me a better person and I will never forget it oh that sounds so dramatic but this scene just you know represents us as companions shes my favorite forever
i uh. reversed a gif
my gifs stiles stilinski derek hale Sterek my tw otp: shut up stiles i think this is the biggest gifset i have ever made that's how lazy i am
1k robert pattinson kristen stewart robsten q ~~ welp this is like the ugliest gifset i´ve ever made bye i don´t even know why i made it i am just so thirsty for otp otp: i think he is really handsome
gif mine ch 5sos 5 seconds of summer Calum Hood aye papi i nearly passed out making this i think this is my favourite gifset i've ever made
1k justin bieber omg God sigh yay Graphic :-) finally k done ily baby this took me like 3 hours but i really love it this is my fav graphic i ever made
Harry Styles popular ** whatever type: gifset BYEEEE this.took.me.almost.tWO.DAYS.TO.FUCKIGN.MAKE BECAUSE THESE GAY ASS GIFS I S2G THEY DIDNT WANNA UPLOAD /stabs self with spork/ this is the worst gifset ive ever made ?????? i think omfg ok then i should stop talking in my tags
otp: damon and elena tv: the vampire diaries gif: the vampire diaries type: gif type: manip bottom left is my fav because i interpret it as damon saying 'just a quicky' and they go and bonnie is like 'omfg' same bonnie same weeping because idk how to manip and because i know this has been made tons of time lol i'll just shut up now
* loki loki fanart jotun!loki YEAH WHATEVER I M JUST GONNA PUBLISH THIS NOW inspired by every arranged marriage AU ever sometimes i art and things happen (since people keep tagging this as 'manip'; this is NOT a manip; i drew this from scratch in ps via tablet)
quote i think this is my favorite one that i made