* game of thrones jon snow Arya Stark needle mine:got gotedit IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS PARALLEL SINCE THE DAY I WAS BORN MY BROTHER GAVE ME THAT SWORD
Yoü and I (Full Jazz Version)
Lady Gaga 
Lady Gaga - Yoü and I (Full Jazz Version) Jazz Version of “Yoü And I&#...
** TES TESO mannimarco this is it this is my aesthetic this is all you need to know about me and all im about i was born for this terrible half god elven princes yes god yes oh yes take all my money and my soul too
this is the reason i was born
my edits crossover levi snk shingeki no kyojin AOT attack on titan ore monogatari eruri erwin smith SnK crossover snk anime levi ackerman oh god I was born for this don't judge me everything I touch turns gay
gaming JOURNEY journey ps3 ~shoemaking ~journey
indie 2012 unibrow journey game wanderer that game company austin wintory
but it is breathing the same air SO SOON nothing else matters singing together so soon my angel so soon and we will be at the same place so soon and the biggest dream ive ever had will finally come true i will see you i will see you right in front of me maybe even really next to me us together at the same place right there at the same time nothing else matters besides our day ive been feeling so sick the whole day the butterflies dont stop making the biggest mess inside of my stomach and tomorrow at this time im probably gonna have my tickets as i write this i cant really believe its happening i thought this couldnt be possible and its happening i love you more than anything and i feel like i was born for this i am here for this i was born to live this moment i was born to live november 14 i love you i love you i love you so much so soon my angel
because apparently we can’t use uwu anymore, I’m going to start using (????? ?° ?;?; ?°?????) instead
LOL funny meme picture joke
1k Outlander Jamie Fraser jc* claire beauchamp outlanderedit mine [9] jamie x claire my gifs [5] otp: i was born for you this is gonna be a thing isn't it? good. it should be. very good. yes. and why yes i may have ''doctored'' that last one but by doctored i mean ''improved upon'' obvs ol: s1 ol: 102
1k i just Outlander Jamie Fraser claire beauchamp outlanderedit HAAAAANDS mine [9] jamie x claire my gifs [5] otp: i was born for you OutlanderWedding FAAAAAAACES :'''''''''''''''''''D
i want to go to a big fancy ball and wear a long beautiful ball gown with a corset and be ladylike and waltz with handsome boys once in my life just once and i’ll be fine
* titanic TitanicEdit danielsgillies adriansydney beeslyp for u elise my wife <3<3<3<3 the fact this movie came out the year i was born..........
1k liam payne ** Graphic no just no i should give up on making edits for sure D: and still this shit got +1000 notes
Chris Evans mah gifs puncture thedalekarmynet thecreatorclub marvelheroesnet i s2g i was born to gif this man's dorito body evansnetwork
1k Outlander Jamie Fraser claire beauchamp claire x frank outlanderedit mine [9] jamie x claire frank randall my gifs [5] otp: i was born for you OutlanderWedding
lady gaga 1k my edits fashion born this way gaga 2k long post artpop idek why i made this i was so bored