• I adore them both •
bones star trek spock leonard mccoy the original series I adore them both
Jensen Ackles ` Jared Padalecki i love them so much I adore their friendship
sherlock sherlock holmes john watson by me2 elementary Joan Watson i adore both watsons and love both dynamics [whispers] don`t look at me
ron x hermione by me:gif the amound of time I spend on this was ridiculous this gotta show how much I adore them
mine caspar lee troye sivan traspar
my gif 1k * pretty little liars hanna marin caleb rivers Haleb pllgif Hanna x Caleb plledit i adore you both
  • PJ's end screen:took hours to make, the placement of each item was thought through, a green screen was used, and lighting was carefully decided
  • Dan's end screen:hey look at my dancing crotch
clouds i will paint this these colors ...i must make them
As you might’ve guessed from my avatar, christmas is upon us! If you’re wanting to add a little hat to your icon, you can edit them on using these transparent hats: Merry Christmas!
i think we all have at least one fictional character who’s death we’ll never recover from
gif Demi Lovato x factor simon cowell I love them both
mine Doctor Queue marveledit ac edits agentcarteredit peggycarteredit pc edits edwinjarvisedit peggyjarvisnet LOOK AT THEM <3 <3 HEART EYESSSS this dynamic is everything to me omg brotp of all brotp's tbh they kinda remind me of doctor/donna ??? the kinda banter they have n i c e
my gif 1k Steve Rogers bucky stevebucky m: captain america stucky marveledit supersoldiersnet mcunetwork so i made this at the same time i made the other one just like it... and i like them both so i'll post them both i just forgot i had this in my drafts oops
  • Aries:misunderstanding leading to angst
  • Taurus:fake/pretend relationship turns real
  • Gemini:characters stuck in a small space
  • Cancer:accidently seeing a character naked
  • Leo:characters are forced to share a bed
  • Virgo:meddling friends play matchmakers
  • Libra:being e-mail pals and not realising they know each other in real life
  • Scorpio:drunken kissing/confessions
  • ...
10k edit1 emilia clarke lena headey sophie turner maisie williams gwendoline christie natalie dormer got cast carice van houten nathalie emmanuel gotcastedit emclarkeedit edit: got cast ndormeredit sturneredit mwilliamsedit i adore them all <3
Tender-hearted heroes are so important to me. Heroes that are soft-spoken and kind, that want nothing more than to take care of everyone. Heroes that are sweet and good, that always leave folks smiling in their wake. Heroes that see good in everyone, who want to be good to everyone. Heroes that are ...
people who think dean doesn’t need both sam and cas
Shipping is such a strange concept. You fall in love with people falling in love.