• I am in so much love •
89% of that gag reel is James acting like a dork and I could not be happier
please go to sleep knowing you are needed, wanted, beautiful and lovable. don’t be so harsh on yourself; you are doing just fine, and your happiness and well-being is the priority. eat something. drink water. get some rest. i love you. you can make it through this
Don’t push students farther than their limit. All my teachers say, "I’m treating you like this because that’s how you̵...
1k mine i love you <3 5k 2k 10k oh my god troye sivan troyedit i'm back in business IN MUCH LESS THAN A DAY I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL OVERNIGHT MY PHONE WOULD NOT STOP LIGHTING UP I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH THANK YOU
I never want to see another person saying Louis is not dedicated, Louis is not strong, Louis is not brave, Louis doesn’t do things for Harry. Fuck y’all. Louis did this for him. For them. Louis loves Harry with all his heart, Louis adores him, supports him, Louis will always protect him ...
LOL supernatural Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki BLESS THESE BOYS hugry noose is hungry I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE GUYS SO MUCH IT HURTS MY INSIDES
i love them so much i am laughing so hard
Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can.
1k mine aragorn lmao LOTR i love it so much lotr gif lego lotr i am seriously laughing so much because of this game
I have so much of you in my heart.
mine bts honestly i love him so much my everything ugh god Bangtan taehyung kim taehyung networkbangtan taetaenetwork UHGUGHUGHUG THIS IS SO PAINFUL BOTH SO FLUFFY BOTH SO CUTE I AM IN VERY VERY MUCH PAIN COULD HE BE ANY CUTER HONESTLYYYYYY him with animals is the worst precious lil muffin baby
edit Alex Turner Matt Helders i love this so so s much best thing to happen in 2013 am i right
Every fandom’s got that trash character that everyone makes fun of but secretly everyone’s in love with him
angel my gifset david boreanaz angel the series Cordelia Chase charisma carpenter gifset:ats angel x cordelia this music reminded me so much of firefly i am physically aching now because i'm that guy wow you are so dumb i am so done with you you don't even know see also: his dumb smile what is happeNING TO YOU fool in love tbh
mine edits edit so precious naruto naruto uzumaki Uzumaki Naruto YAS narutographic so i made an edit naruedit narutoall me son i finally scanned the thing watercolor aka my favorite thing B) i love u so much ur so strong i am the queen of trash y edits sobs in the distance minato hugs me tightly i just really like editing this way idk my creativity cries with me
edit nina dobrev you don't even understand how much i am in love with this picture
doctor who mine dw dwedit clara oswald ~edit moffatedit death in heaven she's just so ready to murder someone it fucks me up i love her so much tho she's gotten so complex and i am s o excited for how she reacts to the mistresses return in s9 you have no idea
gifs i love you wow Alex Turner ah my angel aw yeah!! first gifs made with frames extracted with kmplayer :-) its so stressful but in the end its worth it!!! i hope its stressful only in the beginning i thought kmplayer wasnt that important but it actually is lmao bb those new pictures yesterday made me so happy i dont even have words to explain you always do that dont you? you always know the exact right time... incredible i love you so much i love you i love you ALSO im so happy because of the nominations on the brit awards im so proud i love you guys so fucking much here i am soliloquising on the tags again