• I am in so much love •
matt smith MY EDIT i I love you so much love youuu i am aCTUALLY CRYING
oitnb baltman's work Orange is the new Black Alex Vause Piper Chapman alex x piper vauseman i guess i am posting this at 5 am because well i just finished it after god knows how long i just love them so much bye i didn't add the whole text thing because idk
my gifs quote Portia De Rossi The Conversation in LOVE with this damn show/episode/whatever like honestly how the fuck am i not a lesbian i admire women so much they are fucking incredible
1k x ed sheeran Teddy Sheeran thinking out loud ed* edsheeranedit edsheerangifset spookeberry I LOVE THIS MUSIC VIDEO I JUST CRIED SO MUCH
1k mine* Disneyedit knick knack pixaredit ??how do i tag?? i rewatched this the other night and forgot how much i actually love it i love the music in it so much and the ending is so freakin funny also omfg i can't stop laughing about the flamingo i am that flamingo
castiel Misha Collins edits* read the fucking article okay he's perfection he is fucking everything omg omg in your x-men shirt i am crying i am fucking crying i love you so fucking much
* *gif Now You See Me do you know how long this took i am so glad just to publish it jesus i love this movie so much jesus
Dreams do come true. I know, because I found you.
1k robert downey jr. Captain America Chris Evans Civil War elizabeth olsen teagifs marvelgifs I am in so much love
Harry Styles * today show myedit harry i love him so much it's 1 am this edit is gross and i've been staring at this picture for an hour it is everything harry deserves everything good in the world i'm emo
She [Tauriel] says ”There’s no love in you”. She’s actually utterly wrong. He [Thranduil] has loved so deeply that he can’t go near it anymo...
1k mine *g ahhh Rush hiddlesworth Only Lovers Left Alive Bloodrush **osh adam x james i am in love with this so much~~ and i love the gifset this ship. i have a story behind it i hope it's quite clear jealous james yes
Lily Collins love rosie by*ks tmicastedit lcollinsedit gwenstacye i am so in love with you!
homestuck jane crocker Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider upd8 fancy dreamers am i late imfnally done SDFGHJKAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i am a huge dirkroxy shipper ok
gif caitlyn jenner i am cait I just love her so much alright and also I'm kardashian trash since 2009
his jawline…..god is real and he loves us
love light coffee writing autumn cozy vegan journal simple life Amsterdam journaling yes i am hissongiswithme mygapyear since today its a bet so silly i know
photoset 1k Orange is the new Black oitnbedit obvs not tagging everyone i really love the fourth gif so much and idky it hurt to waste a gif on pornstache but that shot is so pretty :( i love that quote so much anothermeme
  • teacher:what's the most tragic story you've ever read?
  • student 1:romeo and juliet
  • student 2:the fault in our stars
  • me:tokyo ghoul