• I didn't include Skin or Swan Song or Slash Fiction since those weren't actually them •
my gifs supernatural my stuff dean winchester sam winchester southern comfort asylum Metamorphosis shhhhh the girl next door 1kto10k Appointment in Samarra I think my queue has been sneaking out at night and I'm going to follow her Bloodlust Born Under A Bad Sign Sex And Violence When The Levee Breaks You Can't Handle The Truth I didn't include Skin or Swan Song or Slash Fiction since those weren't actually them course you could argue that with the two soulless!sam scenes I have in here too
my gifs supernatural my stuff dean winchester skin slash fiction what is and what should never be dream a little dream of me 1kto10k you know what's extra upsetting about this? that this doesn't even include the 2.5 times Dean /actually/ killed himself (the .5 is when he said yes but changed his mind)
my gifs supernatural my stuff 1kto10k that is 32 dead hunters you're welcome three of them didn't have death scenes but we know they're dead so they're still in there I didn't include allies like psychics or temporary helpers or informants like pamela or frank or henriksen and them. or survivors like in the end or croatoan just actual hunters who have dedicated their lives to hunting also cookie for whoever can name them all. only the last three didn't have names The mark on my queue's neck looks like an upside down Q
f(x) tvxq boa infinite snsd shinee 4minute b2st 2ne1 bap psy shinwha if i excluded your group send me an ask with their fan color and i will add it! allmyliesarewishesedit okay im really sorry that i cant include every single kpop group and singer because the kpop market is just so saturated lets say... the color of kpop of groups that have made a significant change in the industry and/or has been around for at least 3 years lol or i'm biased towards them and you know if they actually have an official fan color.. since its the color of kpop hahaha
doctor who karen gillan mine. Freema Agyeman Torchwood New Who Classic Who eve myles Colin Baker multiple gifs peter capaldi Ian Marter jacqueline hill lalla ward Nicholas Courtney Peter Purves i've been wanting to make this since peter capaldi was cast but i still had half of classic who to go at that point haha and i actually didn't set out to find similar shots and movements for each of them but i somehow stumbled on them but it's a really cute way to highlight the similarities and differences they all bring to their dual roles. i wonder if there are still people who are upset peter capaldi has been in the show before.
hi hello. I love this character so very much. (????) I want him broken, bleeding, and crying like a little bitch. (????)
idek *gifs damn lost girl ksenia solo photoshop adventures rachel skarsten tamsin lg gifs kenzi malikov now I actually didn't do anything else all day but it's so much fun! I don't ship them or anything I just had to make more color gifs or whatever lol
1k mygif 5k once upon a time Mulan snow white tinkerbell Emma Swan Regina Mills the snow queen Princess Anna zelena belle french ouatedit long post for ts Maid Marian badass ladies reginamillsedit emmaswanedit snowwhiteedit bellefrenchedit queen elsa I'm sorry I didn't include Ruby or ariel but I could only stretch the lyrics so much
Yuri lmao edit snsd edit:yuri if they weren't idols and i'd see them in a club or something yuri would be the only member i'd actually approach and i'd probably flirt like really awkwardly and i'd look like an idiot cause i really suck at that but it'd be worth a shot i mean look at her this was a pointless thought
Daniel Radcliffe top gif1 dan radcliffe horns joe hill danradedit i actually feel like the movie will be ever darker or like it would magnify things? (as movies naturally do lol but) also lol they weren't kidding about the gryffindor colors thank you elsa thank you for helping me dl aksjhdak
Adventure Time ice king I spent way too much time on this talksprite in which No draws crap adventurestuck tag all the things? TAG ALL THE THINGS! watch as I take forever to recover from doing those sprites not pictured: the gazillion mouths/arms/eyes I made that didn't make the cut I WANT MY WEEK BACK
LOL graphics supernatural my stuff dean winchester spn i don't know if i like it or not alright I've got honestly no idea how this came out I didn't mean it for it to be like this XD actually I was just messing around with a psd and I started doing things I don't even remember..so.. I guess this is something new I think the song is awesome though yeah I made it for the song
HUHUHU Haikyuu!! HQ!! Karasuno or make a new one furudate haruichi individual official art from inside cover of tankoubon volume actually i want to include kiyoko takeda and ukai too but since i don't have yachi's art then i thought it's better to be 'players only' rather than have the manager/coach without yachi maybe after i got yachi's art i will update this haha zeedits
ISIS members all pray in different directions, how could they possibly be Muslims
MY EDIT the walking dead twdedit just a silly thing BUT TELL ME IF IT AIN'T THE TRUTH :-D soo while making this i realised HOW MUCH DETACHMENT THEY AND WE ALONG WITH THEM SLIPPED INTO??? it's practically impossible to find footage of them actually being terrified of the walkers since around season 2 OR BEING DISGUSTED WITH AN ANYTHING REALLY? and we grew as immune too? and you can actually see this message of the show taking over the more we venture into the story this ultimate message of this world : fight the dead fear the living shapes this reality and becomes their default mental state walkers are so mundane by now they are such an inseparable element of the surrounding their defense against them SO AUTOMATIC SO INSTINCTIVE BUT WHAT THEY FIND BEHIND THE WALLS OF THE COMMUNITIES OF THE LIVING is all the insecurity plot twists terror DRIVING THIS SHOW and our and their emotions responses yep just a thought cos i wouldn't be myself if i didn't rant like obnoxious twat i am OOP
super junior donghae eunhyuk eunhae mygif sjgif not sure where I wanted to go with this but yeah I wanna dance is stuck in my head and I remember watching oppa oppa during christmas time so I got them D&E feels didnt include korean ver of oppa oppa since pc is being stupid is it just me or does donghae look alot like luhan in the last gif???? everytime I type donghae i misspell it as donghaw
1k my edits Captain Swan cs graphic ouatedit cs edit csaw cs quotes sorry guys i know i'm late to the party but i didn't have time to make this yesterday i'm actually really proud of those though they took me really long
1k mine 2k game of thrones requested 3k house targaryen mine: got and i'm not even sorry gotedit i hope you like it :) asoiafedit gotrhaellatargaryen gotvisenyatargaryen mine: fancasting TWoIaF mine: preseries gottargaryens gotrhaenystargaryen i may have or may have not got completely obsessed with this set when i wa supposed o be working on other things and i couldn't stop until i was done! i guess i should say that this is a completely random and personal selection of targaryen ladies some of them were queens sme weren't some lived long and happy lives some didn't some were fierce/warrior women some weren't the only thing they have in common is that i have a special place in my heart mostly that :) (i have used brunette!eleanor tomlison redheaded!eleanor tomlison and blonde!eleanor tomlison as three different characters so far lol)
davejohn johndave hot damn pepsicola i actually drew something hot fucking damn im on fire tonight so i improvised you didnt give specifics look peeps but seriously look at those sexy legs egbert doesnt know what hes missing clearly i will be the center of attention not only because my dress is fucking A++++ but my glorious legs even lalonde lowers her head in defeat because my legs are the sexiest legs am i in character or not im actually not sure myself what I AM sure about weoever are those legs