• I don't know it just gives you that feeling that maybe everything will be alright •
Korra the legend of korra lok Asami Sato Korrasami lokedit I woke up this morning and I saw that message from Bryan and I got so emotional I cried for some time and got late to uni because this isn't about your otp winning a stupid fandom ship war; it stopped being about it when korrasami actually happened because it is just so much SO MUCH yes some cartoons did have minor queer couples that they managed to slip in their episodes but it NEVER was about the title character the face of the whole show not in a western media and do you know what are the stories about queer ladies are? these that you as a teenager try to find in secret afraid of family and friends these are the stories in which in 90% of cases women like you struggle for love and acceptance only for a brief moment after which it will all crash down and one of the women will die it's like some cruel lesson that is being repeated over and over again: if you are a queer woman you will never be happy and now seeing Korra final seeing the progression of this relationship and seeing the beautiful point on which they stop... I don't know it just gives you that feeling that maybe everything will be alright and i'm just rambling a lot and i'm sorry i'm just very emotional all over again not sure that i'm even making that much sense oh yes and this is for you anon that asked me to gif something with bryan's quotes
ot3 type: edit type: mine animanga: naruto my sweet prince character: uchiha sasuke that painful feeling when you just know that some things in the world will never be the same and it actually breaks your heart because they could have had it all and now everything that's left is a destructed friendship that used to be glorious and everything you wished for in your own life. if there is something that i am 1000% sure of; it's that i will never get over these three people and how they ended up
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art I DON'T KNOW exo exo m we love you Kris all of you yifan i'm just so sad i... i just had to do something about all the feelings i am having i actually cried when writing 'we are one' just.. be strong ... and i recorded the drawing process but i don't know if i should post it or not maybe it can reach more people that way?
1k mine sherlock God 4 mine: sherlock mine: edits mine: typography end. bowl is too busy and scared about her future so here have the i don't know is it minimalistic? is it typography? I'm just scared that 10 years from now we will all met again and we will realise that none of us is doing what he always wanted to do I am scared no one's going to be happy and that I won't be happy and it's just weird that somehow people want you to KNOW everything when you are only 17 like how the hell am I supposed to decide about my future when I burn all the pancakes out and can't even talk to new people how am I to choose the college and the person I want to become? ah rambles rambles the things is sometimes my head is just so full of thoughts and it helps me when I write them down write them out of my mind though I should use notebooks for this not tags what is worse though is that I don't think I am procrastinating I think I'm just doing ANYthing else just to stop being scared and stop thinking but once you start to think you can't stop
gif my edits Teen Wolf Scott McCall allison argent scott x allison scallison anD IT PAINS ME i don't know what im doing with my life rn i have all these scallison feels scott's face makes me cry because he's heartbroken he's realizing that maybe him and allison weren't going to be a 'forever' thing (we all know they are but you get the point) he loves her so much that he just tells her 'it's okay' you can see that he's not okay but man he wants her to be happy so he is just letting her go
mine Graphic naruto uzumaki I actually started this like 5 hours ago and got distracted by various things and just remembered it was sitting in ps shjafgs like I said I don't know why I decide to make sad things or anything at all :'( I can't tell you how much I wanted to fist bump every pedestrian as I ran through my neighboorhood screaming HE DEFEATED PAIN! THE VILLAGERS ACTUALLY FUCKING RESPECT HIM HAHAHHA REGRET BEING A BUNCH OF JERKS TO HIM DON'T YA?! after watching that ep daps bitches naruto has every right in the world to just one day say fuck it all I'm not feelin' it because he works his ASS OFF I wish I could find in myself the determination that naruto has I will forever love him for everything and anything he chooses to be he deserves nothing but the best :')
i don't know how to tag this tw animal death dogs in need just kinda wanna cry a little do you ever get a feeling in your gut that a dog would be perfect for you? this is him this is my gut feeling dog just in case you get emotional about the idea of him dying
gif edit exo exo k oh well baekhyun sitr gif:bbh edit:bbh do i tag this as edit or gif i don't even know buT EEP BAEKHYUN'S FIRST MUSICAL GOOD LUCK ;u; my laptop crashed on me when i had almost finished it and i never save my shit so... OTL you know that feeling when you re-do something but you always feel like it was better before? that's how i feel about this and juST ~SIGH~
mine Merlin merthur merlinedit merthurmeme i didn't know whether to put this under (b)romance scenes or quotes because i want so badly to include the 4x07 wake up scene in this meme but i can't find a place for it if this was bromance moments i would put it there but i'm doing (b)romance as in scenes that can  be taken as bromance or romance and there's nothing romantic about that scene it's just glorious and i love it because it's typical merthur i don't know why i'm ranting here alright
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Whenever you’re feeling down, just remember that Zayn’s laugh will a...
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This article spends its time telling us why various queer ships probably won’t become canon, but then it gets to Destiel and it just
gif by me Roy Mustang riza hawkeye Royai otp: i know that glare 'Edward just go already you are cockblocking us'
mine mygif naruto naruto gif Minato Namikaze Kushina Uzumaki Naruto Shippuuden ep 247 or ep 248 not sure about that still don't know their ship name but aren't they cute? how dare you being so otp yeah i know it is actually dattebane but i just realised that after i uploaded it already well sucks maybe i'm gonna redo it one day but probably not
doctor who karen gillan matt smith mine Arthur Darvill edit i just have so many feelings right now i know doctor who is about change but i'm just gonna miss them so much making this photoset was horrible because there are so many pictures so many moments of them all together and it just makes me so sad that this team has had there last scene together and i know they will remain friends i know we will still get tweets between karen and arthur and karen it's still gonna call matt ''smith dawg'' but i just can't help but feeling sad about this bye bye karen and arthur. good luck on everything and thank you RIP karen and the babes
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FUCK MAC so symptomatic of this idea dudes have that we are there FOR THEM that our existence is based on their needs and wants JUST BE OPEN AND RECEPTIVE TO COLD APPORACHES I mean if that doesn't tell you everything about US dude culture than I don't know what will misandrwheee