• I have over 30 channels of audio and it can't handle it •
Somebody stop me please.
1k * MY EDIT Sebastian Stan i can't take it anymore cry with me sebstanedit sebastian stan edit nobucky this is why i cry at night watching his interviews i can't handle any more of his nerd face i have a problem and im crying
amazingphil phil lester he is too cute i can't handle it
It’s not a Kingdom Hearts opening until someone falls from the sky
I Want The One I Can't Have
The Smiths  Meat Is Murder
The Smiths // I want the one I can’t have 'Cause I want the one I can't ha...
The single most toxic thing I was brought up believing is that being Adult and Responsible and Good starts with doing everything completely alone and without help What it’s really about is learning where and when you need help, how much help you need, and knowing when to reach out and ask for...
  • Book:*gets stressful*
  • Me:Oh gosh. *puts down book*
  • *two minutes later*
  • Me:*picks book up*
  • Book:*is still stressful*
  • Me:Oh gOSH.
Do not trick people into trying vegan versions of food
Why? Let’s say you make some vegan chocolate chip cookies. (I looked a recipe up for the sake of this post). These cookies are made with almond milk. You have a friend that you’ve known for a few months now, and you think it would be nice to surprise them. So, you offer them one of th...
Niall’s Solo in LWWY because I know some of you out there that will listen...
I Want The One I Can't Have
The Smiths  Meat Is Murder
I Want The One I Can’t Have - The Smiths A double bed And a stalwart lov...
1k my stuff kate winslet alan rickman this was so cute alanredit tiff 2014 all of these interviews and videos coming out are adorable and i can't handle it anymore didn't know what to caption it as but that'll have to do
1k Benedict Cumberbatch dies time out london i can't handle this hotness I didn't color these either I took screenshot resize and sharpen that's it
pretty little liars depressed sad pain hurt sleep tired spencer hastings cry troian Bellisario exhausted black and white blog CAN'T HANDLE IT black and white gifs struggling Life struggles depressed gifs I wanna sleep tired of thinking
my edits my gifs child of light child of light gifs child of light edits this game is so pretty i can't handle it
* spoilers parks and recreation amy poehler adam scott Retta this is so cute i can't handle it i cut someone named terry out of this sorry maybe it's 12 am here idk
aka the most precious thing to ever exist. It doesn’t bite. It doesn’t even show it’s fangs, even when severelly aggressed. Instead, it rolls over sticks its tongue out and plays dead. That is all.
Suho's adorable English
“Wow….It’s raining….*chuckles*…uhhh….&rd...
I Want The One I Can't Have
The Smiths  Meat Is Murder
Top 15 ’Smiths’ Songs: #10“I want the one I can’t have, and i...