• I just get really passionate about geometry okay •
my gif gif chocolate nerdy math geometry i worked way too haRD ON THIS infinite chocolate indefinite chocolate I just get really passionate about geometry okay
do you ever find yourself getting less and less passionate about something you used to really enjoy because its the worst feeling in the world
If a girl says “No.”¬† Leave her the fuck alone. If a boy says “No.” Leave him the fuck alone. If anybody ever tells you “No.” Leave them the fuck alone.
martin freeman martin* i really wanted to gif martin but since there's no real recent vid i went with this one cus he's so cute and passionate here about music and i just adore it
Hey, Steven Universe fandom? Guy who doesn’t go here but watches too much TV, and I have something to tell you. There’s a lot of posts going around right now insisting that if you care about the continued success of the show, you should make an effort to watch it live so that the viewers...
mine ellen ellen degeneres john travolta bye Kevin Spacey oscars WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS oscars 2014 I just have something for Kevin okay and if you do too please talk to me about it
g adam driver adg what a gem Arts in the Armed Forces so soft for marines and soldiers so passionate about his cause okay but i really rec you watch this video about aitaf if you want to learn more about it and also about adam himself amazing work done by this organization  go check their site for more info as well
* pete wentz Peterick it's all a queue of this or that the little bits that happen during the hiatus get me the mo ST 'i know what you need. you need your band.' shatters me okay hiatus peterick is something i will always need more of just the friends outside the band and the work it was literally just the two friends and i just i like the thought of that it makes too happy?? (you don't know true defeat until you're forced into making your gifs b&w you really doN T) there is no point to this photoset but the fact that pete says patrick smells great and we all care lbrh we all care about this okay wE CARE *: fall out boiz
* derekstiles i just really like these okay
mine lyrics paola i guess Huh also you can thank me later the neighbourhood my typography lyricsedit nbhdedit modernmythnet thelitnet insponet finally an excuse to use that bottom picture i've had it in my drafts for ages honestly though i love that song it's my favourite off of their mixtape that and 'silver' and 'unfair' also goddamn this could be rovinksy now that i think about it okay sure let's do that rovinksy lowkey hardcore cal x rob did i just say 'lowkey hardcore?' i really do need to get more sleep okay i'm rambling again but yeah listen to this song it's a+ trust me
AU where Gabriel comes back from the dead for literally no logical reason except for the fact that I bought the CW and forced them to
So, a Quidditch match at Hogwarts, right? Slytherin vs Gryffindor (yeah yeah obvious, I know shut up). And all of a sudden there’s this STAMP STAMP CLAP from the Gryffindor stand and all the Muggle-borns start singing/screaming WE WILL ROCK YOU across the pitch towards the Slytherins. And then...
if you say pop music is trash then im so sorry for you because singing out loud and dancing to an overplayed pop song with a bunch of your friends is such a fun thing to do and you’ll never do it to stay tru to ur punk attitude
tom hiddleston Steven Spielberg gif5 war horse gosh i just love how passionate he is about his work
Adventure Time okay marshall lee fionna i just Prince Gumball I just really like prince gumball
1k Dylan O'Brien teen wolf cast tw cast twedit dob tmredit the maze runner cast tmr cast dylan* dobedit
1k ** 5k Dylan O'Brien dobedit
And don’t fucking tell me That I only care about myself. Because you have no idea How little I really do. And you don’t underst...