• I like to call it •
the human body, or as i like to call it
suffer puppet
no but america why do you say ‘4th of july’ but still write the date 7/4/2012 ?????
my chemical romance myart i like to call this little number i tried how do you photoshop idk where else to put it
Seungri Gri gdragon original edit or as I like to call it These doofuses Doofi? Shitpotato & The SlutDragon If (Ri)diot and (Ji)diot have to show up on my dash this is how it's gonna go down
i am a unapologetic romantic. i love to write it. i love writing the character development, about the initial meeting’s, crushes, unrequited and otherwise. i love looking at the details of their life, sexual  & beyond. i love writing smut, i love writing dates, and cute scenes, i like it. & ...
My art miserably spends time doing this instead of important things WoW good jon kel my resolution to use less saturated colors  is failin g my style is so weird now idk wat im doing  anym ore i PROMISE ILL DO WORK TOMROW i was like wat to call this and then i decided to call it window au i like corn aus dont't look at me omg corn i meant corny corn au lmfaAO
actual quotes from the actual books (not in chronological order) 'I'd take you on anytime on my own. Tonight if you want.' (Draco to Harry) 'Look -' [Harry] murmured, holding out his arm to stop Malfoy. 'He is so smart, wonderful Potter with his scar and his broomstick' (Draco) to which Lucius repl...
1k ~ gifs breaking bad walter white brbaedit o mg gale boetticher this is like the ugliest gifset i've ever made but i had to post it bc 'why the hell are we making meth' and how gale's face lights up when he's like call me walt
* les miserables aaron tveit *lm killian donnelly Fra Fee alistair brammer *lmbts and none for hooper bye i would like to call attention to a + k hugging in the background because it's really cute ugh these gifs look like ass why am i even posting them made in like 5m and it shows so tiiiiiiiiiiired
i was bored gifs1 Dylan O'Brien you know what and this came out I like to call it stilesies heydylanobrien osbrien dylan being dylan I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU FUCK YOU
I propose a thing I'd like to call "Meet the mun".
((Add a picture of yourself to this post. A smile, a face shot, something that’s appropriate.  Just to let others know you are a human being underneath that account. (Not a bot) You might end up surprising people. I’ll gladly start, should this idea get a few likes so people don’t ...
Best Mashup Ever [1D Mega Mash]
1k mine star wars Princess Leia Graphic help me leia organa sw edit swedit I love this woman to death FYSW
v bts Bangtan suga yoongi jeongguk jungkook taehyung my:t my:j my:b i really wantd to call him a suga daddy but then i felt a strong urge to punch myself in the face
  • Better Call Saul (the episode):hilarious quirky black comedy, good times
  • Better Call Saul (the series):a sad lonely former scam artist tries to shake off his criminal ways and care for his ailing brother, but we know he'll end up even sadder and lonelier in the future. General sense of existential hopelessness. Mike Ehrmantraut is crying. Everything hurts
1k supernatural season 9 5k spn red gifs spnedit season nein spncrack red spn or how i like to call it season nein homo red crack in case it's not evident enought i'm with tumblr on this one
MOAR SHARKOr as I like to call it “Macarena Shark̶...
mine request edit idk dan hope you like it haha i'm sorry i lost the ask i'm trash also why did you even want this edit i'm??? what are you going to do with it like put it on your wall tattoo it on your face i call it 'the surf aesthetic' ur welcome