• I love when they do that •
movie quotes slc punk Stevo I DON'T KNOW. Steven Stevo Levy What do you do when your foundation falls apart? They don't teach you that at school.
Harry Styles hsedit i love it when u do that with your hair though
I hate the people who clapped when Cato, Clove, Glimmer, or Marvel died. They were humans too. They ...
* Drake cause you don't say you love me to your friends when they ask you even though we both know that you do you do favourite song forever IF YOU'LL LET MEEEE HERE'S WHAT I'LL DOOOO I'LL TAKE CARE OF YOUUUUUuuUuuuuUUuuUUUUU thanks jimmy thanks for that queued motherfucker
gifs quotes graphics edward elric Fullmetal Alchemist fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood alphonse elric no this isn't shippy at all what are you talking about except i totally think it is for REASONS because let's just reflect on one singular fact for a second that fact being that edward was willing to give up EVERYTHING for his brother and in the end gives up the one thing that defines him the one thing that makes him who he is he doesn't do this for anyone else in the series the amount of sacrifice he makes for only alphonse is astonishing no one else gets that much of edward's devotion and love ed may love winry romantically but it will never compare to the bond he shares with al and the extent he will go for his brother's safety and if you disagree you clearly did not read/watch the same series as i did because seriously you cannot say that ed loves anyone as much as he loves al they're soulmates in the most literal sense because even in canon it's clearly stated that ed's soul is intertwined with al's it became that way when they lost their innocence when they tried to bring back their monther these two boys... i just love them so much
bomb girls *1kplus gladys witham jodi balfour can i just say that i really fucking love gladys? she is doesn't judge anyone for what they do or who they like or how they act and that's saying a lot for anyone in that time era not to mention a girl with her family wow gladys let me love you down *bg
self esteem advertising news love your body Dove
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan boys mine 1dec ok this is supposed to be ~funniest moment~ but i changed it to interview so many notable things about this first~~ when zayn says chocolate covered peanuts..that's srsly one of my fav zayn moments ever lol idk why but it cracks me up every time and his face after he says borat mankini KILLZ ME when liam goes YOU DON'T EVEN WANNA KNOW after the selen question omg harry's offended face after liam makes fun of his nipple zayn screaming even tho ppl give him that ~quiet mysterious~ label look at him he's loud and obnoxious and i love him for it also before the ~dance as bad as you can~ they say do your fav dance move and they do their typical routine and the next one is dance as bad as you can and harry continues with that dance LOL pls and them singing more than this is s00 good and they are actually coordinated esp when harry says YEAH and they all pull in together OH MY GOD i'm gonna stop i just have so many feels i've watched this interview so many times the box interviews are always a+ OMG ALSO when they are kissing the camera and liam is literally lifting them up when zayn says CAN I HAVE A LIFT UP it's so cute ok i'm done 4real now
gifs lianne la havas Elusive i made the third one first and when i saw how perfect it was i then wanted to do more to make a photoset but the top two didn't come out as good because of that lighting effect they did during those parts but whatever -.-
i still just can’t believe zayn tried to shove a microphone into harry’s rectum and harry didn’t even seem uncomfortable or surprised and what’s really weird is neither did anybody else
my gifs supernatural my stuff dean winchester sam winchester skin Pilot Defending Your Life 1kto10k Life a Virgin I just... really love this camera angle and they almost never use it and most of the time when they do it's zoomed in on just their faces sigh sigh sigh okay My queue is safe and back home but she hasn't said a single word
** i love you tiffany snsd bias love of my life the perfection that is hwang miyoung
* hobbits Dominic Monaghan mine: gif i just rEALLY LOVE HOBBITS also look i made a thing p: dominic monaghan
mine all time low Jack Barakat what do i do when i am so in love with you if u have any requests just tell me
hair mine
supernatural castiel How do colors work again? I wanted to practice I draw this guy when I want an excuse to draw wings geckosketchart I love how you can see my progression of oh hey I'll try this as realism! which quickly went to pff screw that big chunks everywhere
my stuff The Hour Freddie Lyon Bel Rowley the hour [3] bel x freddie Freddie x Bel parallels continuity you're doing it right i love that he can tell she forgot his birthday simply by the way she looks at him that's why he knew immediately after he told her about camille that something wasn't right bc no she didn't think it was wonderful and no she was not happy and i don't even think it took her leaving so abruptly for him to see that all he had to do was look at her eyes and it's all there ajweroiuwer sometimes i think about how otp they are and my heart does flip flops bel x freddie [2] otp: not even the rain has such small hands [2]
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