• I need a better computer I can not deal with all this freezing •
Somebody stop me please.
1k 5k 500 gifs [1] 3k mine [1] how to get away with murder htgawmedit Connor Walsh propunks michaelaconnor tv: how to get away with murder character: connor walsh who can resist connor pouting sPOILER ALERT NO ONE
all time low Jack Barakat Alex Gaskarth rian dawson zack merrick ATL kerrang
homestuck Dave Strider Jade Harley John Egbert Rose Lalonde screenshotsaturday aggregate adventure
MY EDIT all time low requested rian dawson ATL rian edit:atl gaskath this sucks i'm sorry my computer crashed everytime i tried to search for better photos
gifs sherlock crack i think i might be in hysterics i literally cannot deal with ALL THE FEELINGS anymore and have now cracked completely (and i'm not even sorry) (although i might be when i finish the other gifset i'm working on. i think that triggered the helpless laughter as a coping mechanism)
charity Palestine thailand algeria black lives matter hamza bendellaid
anastasia my stuff look at him NonDisneyEdit I just want to hug him anastasiaedit animationedit greatspacedustbin donbluthedit this scene breaks my heart poor Dimitri :'( this movie is one of the many reasons why my expectations of love and men are ruined and why I will never get a boyfriend *sigh* gah this movie and all the OTP feels and this movie being perfect in general I can not deal with it OTP: Princesses don't marry kitchen boys. this has been in my drafts for 3 weeks now and I finally gave up and pressed the post button I really need to stop I hate this movie
my gif !!! always and forever snk shingeki no kyojin Mikasa Ackerman attack on titan eren jaeger snkedit mine: snk i'm sure this been done a million times with a lot better colouring but family: mikasa x eren also i'm not even sure i got these quotes right but this is what my subs said so... that's all i can do
louis tomlinson mine help how but someone help me why are you rolling your hips like that you're not a pole dancer even though i want you to be can you tell me why does your belly button look like an outtie you dont have an outtie but more importantly your rolling of the hips did i mention that how does harry deal with you im just in so much awe im having like a serious moment with this video when i meet you im giving you classes little girls give you their bras i give you pole dancing classes but you probs dont even need it you can just teach me instead pole dancing 101 with louis tomlinson the biggest dream move that bus louis pole dancing behind it okay i'm scared for myself
1x07 Sebastian Stan kings Christopher Egan jack x david prince jack kings: mine oh Jack you have so strong mixed feelings for David but it always ends with hate and even if it would not be a crown it would be your sister anyway i think i had this show on my computer since forever and i finally feel that i can finish it and not die captain shepherd
1k edit blue G Dragon seriously gd Kwon Jiyong hair colors can you please not this is one of my faves edit: gifset with black and blonde photoshop closed twice unexpectedly because is a fucking asshole this took me like 6 hours but then i was like i don't give a single fuck tbh there are like two gifs that looks horrible i made those in 10 minutes ps get on my nerves i think this is better than the pink one i found better videos (hq) let me talk about the 4th one fucking stupid ass fucker who dare you gd's facial expressions on haru haru live are my life you're disgusting i don't like you at all *throws up while posting this* good fucking bye bitches you all better reblog this or imma cut a bitch
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my gifs Chris Hemsworth Thor *g Thor: The Dark World Thoredit chemsedit i cried while making this lol and absolutely no one is surprised im such a fucking crybaby but tbh who can blame me look at him???? his look of concern when odin stops yelling and he's so sad bc he just lost his mother and his brother is a lost cause and still he has so much responsibility to deal with can u even imagine bc i cant and i cant believe ppl complained about how he acted towards loki considering the cIRCUMSTANCES!!!!  PLS i cant photogshop without pooping emotions everywhere fucking hell end my ass i am 100% thor all the time in every way dont look at me omfg i need to chill so badly
max Simmons Red vs Blue rvb RoosterTeeth grif rvb1 rvbthings rvbedit im just too lazy to tag this it took SO FUCKIN LONG to make like TWO HOURS LONG this used to take me about 5 min NOT TWO FUCKIN HOURS I HAD TO WAIT FOR 10 MINUTES FOR IT TO FUCKIN CROP now i remember why i dont make gifs anymore im gonna need to transfer all of my files to my other computer and then do a full wipe of this computer because its barely running at this p i can barely use it for anything beyond simple browsing i hate it so fuckin much i just want to make gifs again and NOT have it take half a day and that first gif has text that is just above the second one cause photoshop crashed as i was doing them and it is pissing me the fuck off just like no be even stop it
My art Rumbelle ouat fanart can someone help me for drawing this for not waiting until sunday because its not fluffy its my feeling about them I feel so alone in this otp these days i'm losing hope i still can't deal with that breakup help! sob
titanic leonardo dicaprio jack dawson
myart The Beast elentori over the garden wall wirt otgw beast wirt had a lovely time watching this with you all in stream! cya tonight friends notbilldip
me love goodbye holiday summer sleep tired want kiss help fall with die this always need everything done i do CAN NOT