• I need a book of these three done properly •
batman comics Superman wonder woman bruce wayne Diana of Themyscira clark kent comics* OT3 y'all I need a book of these three done properly not that awful mess that was Trinity
sherlock My art johnlock sketches these two idiots yay me! they're going to kill me john's an asshole too i managed to draw my cute something john answers sherlock three weeks later because sherlock didn't do it properly
idk man trigger warning resources photoshop tutorial yeahps pscs5 itsphotoshop im pretty bad at explaining things so imma post this late so no one sees it I hope that if someone does see it it helps them in some way
Illustration art animals wolf vintage op I need more info on these pieces also i want this book
art homestuck trolls kanaya maryam hs rosemary i need sleep. if you squint super super hard sort of
gif* Dylan O'Brien 3k the maze runner Thomas Sangster tmr i need this movie tmredit just trying something new ! don't look if the colors layers look good but i need practice! OK BUT I'M NOT OVER THIS TRAILER EVERYTHING LOOKS BEYOND PERFECT it seems like there will be so many surprises for book readers waiting 6 months is just pure torture i really hope we'll hear Newt saying Tommy or i'll be mad i need this in my life ok i need Minho's sass i need these three babies on a giant screen tmr**
You're not eating it properly...
Unless she involuntarily twitches at every flicker of your tongue… Until she archs her hips to bring it closer to your mouth… It’s not good enough until she attempts to squeeze the life out of you with her thighs as you trace the Constitution with the tip of your tongue and sign your name with flo...
coffee books etsy reblog coffee break coffee mugs bookworm bibliophile vsco vscofilm vscocam book nerd bookish book lover vsco cam vscophile books and coffee book blog coffee addict book blogger love reading book addict bookstagram coffee lover book blogging booklr twinkled pink shop custom tumbler all i need is coffee and books
The struggles of a book lover.
1. Books, I want all the books.2. I don’t have money to buy all the books.3. My bookcase is full.4. My TBR pile is huge.5. I need help.
Fanart Avatar katara Avatar fanart i hate this show you are so cool katara it is the best cartoon I have seen I think like why didn't I see this earlier it's been so long since I experimented properly with colours whhhyyyyyy seriously need some avatar blogs to follow
Merlin merlinedit 107 Merlin Rewatch fairth dollopheads 'I can't order you to lie to the king but you'll be a friend for life if you do' '... go on then [that's reason enough for me even though you'll deny it by tomorrow night and won't properly admit it until months or years later because getting put in the stocks is the very least I will do for you including lying to you every single day for over ten years to protect you from yourself ]' ...this isn't supposed to be a sad moment what have I done (arthur I see you hiding a smile there look a little more fond of your bundle of adorable manservant why don't you)
natsume yuujinchou natsume takashi nyanko sensei natsume's book of friends dom draws stuff this took forever but it would've gone a lot faster if i hadn't done most of it at 3 am only draw when you're awake kids
harry potter remus lupin harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban book quotes bq half of these movies refuse to be colored properly and its so irritating and I reread tlat so the marauders and how unfair everything is all ive been able to think about all summer
1k once upon a time ouat Victor Frankenstein dr whale TVedit i'm so mad none of these would upload properly and i kept having to change the coloring and that stupid b&w one didn't work until i made it b&w and i'm very annoyed by this
art Fanart ot3 haikyuu Haikyuu!! sawamura daichi azumane asahi sugawara koushi asadaisuga i cant deal w these kids THE THIRD YEARS ARE GOOD FRIENDS I CAN SEE THREE YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP AND GROWTH IN THIS DRAWING clenches fist tenderly
everybody’s being all excited about Tauriel and i’m just like SHE’S NOT EVEN IN THE BOOK and i can’t get over it sorry
gun sniper rifle remington 700 m40a3
All These Things That I've Done
The Killers  Hot Fuss
10.15.2013 All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers "I got soul, but...