• I need a book of these three done properly •
mine game of thrones got daenerys targaryen house targaryen viserys targaryen rhaegar targaryen gotedit gotdaenerystargaryen asoiafedit rhaella targaryen got challenge gothousetargaryen got challenge houses I HAND RECOLOR DANY'S EYES ON THREE OF THESE AND I AM SO DONE
omg dancing tom dance tom hiddleston you need to stop i can't slumber party mtv after hours things i love hiddlestoners you might enjoy these ones a bit more hypnotising mtvafterhours the snake hips i literally can't stop staring at these so done with you tonight
pokemon pidove sometimes this is an art blog pokemon variations pokemon variants like seriously if you haven't done so already look up pigeon breeds bonus points to whoever can correctly identify all of the breeds I based these guys off of ok time 4 bed
* 5sos 5 seconds of summer luke hemmings luke gif 5sos uk tour i have lots of shitload to do and i still managed to spend a lot of time making gifs im just really nervous for tom and these weren't supposed to be b&w but i couldn't color properly atm
** quote book books Markus Zusak The Book Thief
swimming Haru haruka He is so beautiful idk what it's called free! haruka nanase bluespace that dash thing cause you guys need a swimming haru on your dash lol that thing that i did with his hand idk i kinda ruined it the colors were so confusing to edit >.> lolmygif now that i have been reading the tags of people who reblogged it i can now tag it properly lol
Tony being a dork and entering every room just before Bucky does so he can loudly announce that winter is coming
mine gaby rambles library-heaven
sherlock comic bbc sherlock sherlock doodle sorry i haven't done one of these in a while i kind of ran out of ideas
kh kh3 E3 2015
my gif guardians of the galaxy groot star lord Drax the Destroyer gamora rocket raccoon three more days gotg movie i don't care if it's been done over and over again just let me bathe in these colours space movie in primary colours yessshhh
my posts q how do you photoshop clone club orphanblackedit obedits obedit niehauscosima scopophobia cw orphan black for ts haha i need to stop with these four fucking mile long photosets and these paper textures tbh not like veronika is doing it i'm so pumped for seasn three though i am rare levels of pumped
star wars long post no promises kromiart kylo ren I might draw it swtfa general hux kylux first order coffee au i wrote about three different endings this isn't the happy one because what would follow is some awfully heartbreaking stuff in which hux is a horrible person and ren is a naive clueless kid ALSO ANYONE WONDERING ABOUT NO END UPDATES: there'll most likely be a midweek update or two pages next sunday
how to tell if a faerie is nearby
soft, chiming bells a strong scent of grass, apples, or wild violets strange, haunting, jovial music mysterious giggling that comes out of thin air mushroom circles large patches of four-leaf clovers you are followed by a crow or a raven tiny knots in your hair
trypophobia cw octopidraws these are so much fun maybe idk?? I'll going to do more these three were just the most requested so I decided to get them done first
doctor who kiss dinosaurs on a spaceship the power of three
1k mine omg sorry fucking hell im done gifs: other Tom Daley Dustin Lance Black so done OMFG IM DYING Oh my good god this is the first time we have properly seen them together and they are the fucking cutest im just so happy bcos look at these cuties
* spoilers sherlock SherlockEdit the sign of three is this a thing idk bbcs3 these three exceeded all of my expectations in this episode and i'm so happy