• I need a book of these three done properly •
favm ~* Lee Pace i can't believe i hadn't done one of these for you already you are almost literally the king of my heart marry me or something idk we can live by the water and not do anything together
hetalia APH arthur kirkland matthew williams Alfred F. Jones APH CANADA APH AMERICA WIP arts aph england francis bonnefoy APH France I need to make other stuff other than Hetalia screm so I have these saved as afred enlan brittany and faghat
Fuck the sink fandom how about the bed fandom, look at this shit.  A sandwich bed Lets fly to space in my mother fucking bed  Fuck the ball its time for bed  The Oregon bed  Oh no its Jaws the killer bed  Fuck roller coasters I have a coaster bed  Caw caw bed time 
pokemon my gifs pokemon mystery dungeon bidoof I HAVE A LOT OF EMOTIONS ABOUT PMD BIDOOF OK i need to stop making these gifs
louis tomlinson One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan mine 1D book signing I ACTUALLY MET THEM I'M SO HAPPY AND LIAM WAS SUCH A SWEETHEART i didn't film harry properly as i was staring at him lol
pokemon Charizard Articuno Zapdos Moltres Okami Silk rapidash weavesilk Jeredu art Shiranui
Sandra Bullock’s box office take over the last five years is as good or better than most male leads. The same can be said of Melissa McCarth...
photoshoot Emma Watson 2013 marie claire joedit god dammit UGH I need all of these photos in hq plz
1k bby myedits atla zuko Prince Zuko atlaedit book three fire zukoedit idk why but i really like this coloring this coloring is really similar to what people used on a lot of edits in like 2011/2012 mostly i just wanted an excuse to make a 160px photoset hehe
concept art and i want because Air Acolytes practically art book one that guy in the middle I want to know more about him he and gao could be bff's to storyboard a sequence with korra and the airbender kids causing mayhem and destruction and interact with the acolytes I love background characters so much and I wanna cry because we know nothing about them besides what Mike said I want to include them in scenes especially when they're a part of the location book one made it feel deserted besides the OWL guards Korra and Tenzin's family except when they needed air acolytes for things like cleaning up korra's mess and carrying in asami's luggage and pema's delivery doesn't even need to be anything big with them but just incorporating them more in scenes in the future would be lovely forgive my wall of tags I really love these character designs I just wish we could've seen more of them and actually I don't think all of these were used so
My art supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel spn Team Free Will this is what the gabriel thing did to me i actually finished drawing this earlier this afternoon but we had to go somewhere and i only got to finish the coloring now gosh you guys i love drawing these three but i find dean the most difficult to draw i think it's his hair URGH i need to catch up i'm still in season 6 fhsajgakdflga i had to color in a bit of sammy's eye ffff i didn't think it would get notes so i didn't bother fixing it ;v; ahhhh thank you so much you guys!
mine disney UP Pixar i haven't done one of these in a really long time and i'm avoiding studying so! here! :D
these book stock images are too much for me
1k Battlestar Galactica kara thrace lee adama mine: bsg my gifs [4] bill adama mine [9] bsg: s2 ugh faces in the last one tho :'''3 i need a tag for these three frakkers how do i not have a tag??? adama family feels there. good.
giveaway the hobbit Moleskine follower giveaway follower gift atw book giveway atw giveaway
my gifs doctor who dw Jack Harkness John Barrowman captain jack harkness dw gifs 50 days of doctor who 50th havent done one of these in awhile oh my gosh do i miss Jack though ill never be over the fact he will never meet eleven also once again i tried to cram too much information into one gif set i need to learn how to be more selective
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