• I tried okay? •
supernatural dean winchester s2 i'm sorry Jo Harvelle I TRIED ANON I TRIED
smart girls
1k haylor haylorgang I TRIED OK I FUCKIN TRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
depression i tried im tired tried tired
Don’t forget to get away every once in awhile, To lose yourself in a book Or in the woods behind your home Ride your bike into the sunset,...
always listen to your heartunless you can listen to rock musicthen always listen to rock music
do you ever want to sleep for 14 years without waking up
I tried not to ship it.
Inside every hero…                        …lurks the potential for a…                                                                   ….monster.
Me on a date: so how do you feel about tsm? Them: well I really like bjerg, but I feel like dyrus should just retire Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry but I gotta go
This aint a  It’s a god damn
Demi Lovato i tried
Skyrim i tried skyrimedit
you star sticker tried you tried you tried star you tried sticker
Harry Styles One Direction i tried i succeeded
i fucking love renaissance art like i saw this piece today that depicted the virgin’s immaculate conception as a tiny jesus flying in through a window on a collision course with mary’s hoo ha like LOOK AT HIM GO