photo sorry not sorry OMG I HAD TO DO IT IM GONNA DO 1 MORE GLITTER
Friendly reminder that I dont want to go is still the last words we hear from the tenth doctor :)))))))))))
photoset gif 1 watson Orange is the new Black Alex Vause Piper Chapman nicky nichols sophia burset daya i was gonna do more but got lazy
forget otp :( kim bum mine [4] never sobs !!!!! boys over flowers boys before flowers bumsso kim so eun soeul SoEulmates u g h favorites forever tension so thick u can cut it with a knife BABIESSS!!!1 best beloveds i was gonna add more but then this would've just been ginormous ha..ha... their faces are rude and i love and MISS them NEVER FORGET!!!!!! also im sorry but there will be more of them (particularly from this kdrama) coming!!!
i wonder what it feels like to be in love with someone who is in love with you too
Niall Horan mine wow mygif Niall Honey best song ever bse u knwo i had 2 do these beautyoufl close ups im sweating IM GONNA MAKE 1 OF LIAM WEEEEEE
hetalia digital APH CANADA APH France papa france the best papa i was actually gonna do a group pic with seychelles and monaco in there too but i liked this better so it stuck no i dont ship franada but france s a hella great papa yall cant deny i accidently slept through french today i woke up at 1:40 thats kinda insane its not like im lacking sleep so idk what happened im not entirely sure if meilleur is actually the best word? another option was mieux but i think this one makes more sense? idk im only taking french one dont judge me but if yall got a better word please tell me
I WANNA DO THIS TOO. Reblog this and i’ll draw you a badly drawed picture about your blog on paint like this one
My art spock captain kirk star trek tos Galaxy Quest Pavel Chekov Janice Rand im gonna do more dumb art as soon as my hand stops hurtingand if i have time later dumbass doodle
10k pixel art pixel pattern other patterns im gonna do more of this kind yeaaaa
later i’m going to get a book and write down every URL that was a part of the mishapocalypse and i will call it: The Mishapocalypse Gospel and i’m give it to Misha at Asylum 10 :> so just reblog if you were involved and i’ll write them all up cause i have nothing better to do wi...
* taylor momsen the pretty reckless performance punk 1000 myown. IM ACTUALLY PROUD OF THIS i'm gonna make more if this gets any notes lol i wanted to do it since i saw some of these i love it so much omg
1k request parks and recreation Steve Rogers Captain America: The Winter Soldier sam wilson marveledit samsteve IM GONNA DO ALL OF LESLIES ANN COMPLIMENTS YATH
My art if i had more time i 'd draw marth bc  OI LOVE MARTH IM gonna speed draw stickers and postcards now omg i was gonna do one more snk print but i don't ahve time anymore i like blue haired men i realized omg sideeeyes self
1k Harry Styles One Direction *harry *1D ratchetlarry tmh tour idk if im doing any more tonight im gonna do the rest from this video at least but it's 230 am so i might sleep soon lol also tysm for following me ily
!edit yato noragami Hiyori Iki iki hiyori yato x hiyori noragami edit yatori yatohiyo i have 3 more ask meme im gonna do it later bc im pretty busy and i can't participate in yatori week bc exams and tasks ;w;
My art atla avatar the last airbender yes. i love america 500 MORE my butthoel i was gonna do korra but nah fai did korra do ppl blaclist this should i tag it jus in case one print done. u can tell after toph i got lazy im so sorry
21 year old harry is gonna be a rlly hard time in my life i already see it 
mine i think im gonna do like a series