Harry Styles Niall Horan mine narry i just manip* im crying narry* someone get photoshop away from me i want this in poster size I THINK THIS IS MY FAV MANIP I EVER MADE IM MAKING MYSELF CRY
art homestuck eridan feferi erifef feferidan im making myself cry help
my gif mine frank iero lotms my chemical romance ray toro life on the murder scene Gif: MCR i love making myself cry im watching lotms
1k doctor who mine dwedit elevenedit i love making myself cry
mine DNP phan my trash ignore this im just making myself giggle bc im DUMB
gif hair girl sad myself suicidal face alone hate broken Legs smile cut cry Personality depressive im fine apparence
Loki never went to his mother’s funeral
i wouldnt be surprised, if for Harry’s ice bucket challenge, he has shirtless men surrounding him as he lays on a velvet couch and the men use gold encrusted buckets, filled with filtered water to pour over Harry’s body. 
1k * psychagif The 100 the100edit bellamy blake bellamyblakeedit the100daily dailybellamyblake im making myself sad haha lol
mine *gif dreamworks why am i doing this to myself t spirit spirit stallion of the cimarron man im pretty sure the next time i watch it i wiLL cry i gross sobbed on the inside while making this gifset they are so precious sighs im in love with them both little creek
the hobbit bilbo baggins thorin oakenshield hobbitedit *5k botfaspoilers botfa screener NGL MADE MYSELF CRY MAKING TIS ONE
my edits the vampire diaries delena not fair this is just do you cry a lot? im crying right now this way around sire bond suggested by the witch is so cruel i just couldn't even handle it when she was saying it he would have to leave everything behind and never see her again and before that basically compell her to forget about him and stop feelings whatever she feels??? this is not just sad but also very much not fair these are her feelings and this so-called setting free equals taking away any choice she has in the situation the bond exists because she loves him these are HER feelings she owns them i am making myself sad if this shit is ever going to happen im gonna kill myself
Harry Styles One Direction 1D what am i doing with myself 1D* hs* edits~ IM CRIYNG HES PERFECT I CRY I JUST OFMG HELP ME :((((
my gifs spoilers shingeki no kyojin Marco Bodt Jean Kirschstein jeanmarco jean and marco i think im a masochist i keep making gifs with them AND I WANNA TO CRY AS IM MAKING THEM THIS GODDAMN SHIP JSKLAJFDHL JUST RIP MY HEART OUT AND EAT IT WHY DONT YOU
doctor who matt smith spoilers Eleven the ponds the angels take manhattan i dont know why im making myself sadder
cowboy bebop anime: cowboy bebop im making myself really sad w o w
homestuck Karkat Shubbaart my hand is feeling better so im making myself draw
death depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely alone Personal die nightmare loneliness i want to DIE depressive im going to die im going to cry im going to kill myself suicideletter knifeman
depressed sad suicidal suicide skinny fat crying ugly cry i hate myself i want to DIE kill me I HATE MY LIFE depressive I WANT TO CRY black&white im fat i hate my body