1k spoilers mine otp MY BABIES arrow my feels oliver queen 2.10 arrowedit felicity smoak olicity happy sighs MY OTP IS PERFECTION OH MY GOD I CANT HANDLE IT OLIVER STOP IT WITH THE WAY YOU LOOK AT FELICITY IT'S SO EFFING PRECIOUS the smile though seriously i seriously thought he was going to kiss her lol but no this was perfect
1k gifs mine so precious jennifer morrison ouat Emma Swan ouatedit emmaswanedit it's been forever since i giffed emma looooook at her so so precious
Seungri Big Bang gdragon daesung taeyang t.o.p bigbang oik edits everyone is so effing perfect please
mygifs hyuk vixx vixxgifs Han Sanghyuk vixxtv hyukgifs omg so effing cute
super junior hyukjelf gif THE DANCE LOOKS SO EFFING GOOD :C
your fave is problematic: BB-8
haha just kidding could you even imagine
1k ** game of thrones lena headey Cersei Lannister got* gettin drunk like it's her occupation [regina george voice: that is the ugliest effing photoset i have ever seen]
1k ~ mine martin freeman mf martinfreeman ilu martin martin freeman party this is quicker to make than i thought bc he literally says it in almost every interview it's so precious he's so precious
mygifs Dylan Moran black books don't usually do ones like this but it's a nice change and he's so precious
aka the most precious thing to ever exist. It doesn’t bite. It doesn’t even show it’s fangs, even when severelly aggressed. Instead, it rolls over sticks its tongue out and plays dead. That is all.
stuff 1000 somebody hold me i'm so in love and special b:1000 zankyou no terror terror in tokyo bt!edit terror in resonance toji hisami lisa mishima b!znt everything about this obsession it's so important I KNOW THIS SUCKS IT WAS BETTER IN MY MIND BUT LISA IS SO PRECIOUS MY SAD ANGEL IS SO PRECIOUS EVERYONE HERE IS JUST SO SO PRECIOUS
1k gifs mine jennifer morrison ouat PRECIOUS CUPCAKE jennifermorrisonedit it's related so i guess i can tag ittttt it's been a while since i edit jmo omg i love emma too jsyk maybe someone already giffed this idk
Yunho bought himself a giant teddy bear for when he gets lonely and needs to talk about his troubles to someone.
Firewatch playing other games firewarch scenery
exo EXO-K screams baekhyun so effing cute mygif24 gif:bae
** Norman Reedus The Boondock Saints mine: twd he was so effing hot in this. especially in the bottom left ugh
mygifs leo vixx leogifs jung taekwoon taekwoon vixxgifs he's so effing cute
gif mine happy birthday naruto ;A; naruto uzumaki naruto gif uzumaki Uzumaki Naruto mine: naruto omg I'm so late at making something it's so horrible as well you're so precious Naruto
faygo machine am i the only one who thinks this is effing awesome?