1k my posts logan henderson big time rush james maslow bye BTR Dumb and Dumber Jedits ledits jagan ITS SO CUTE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW
1k mine i was bored Tyler Posey tw cast twcastedit tposeyedit poseyedit fyteenwolf ehh i dont even know its bad but he is so cute!!
evidence that if zayn had dimples id be fucked up
i dont know what it exactly is from but its so cute...
food why stupid so stupid i dont even know what to tag this food tw pita bread
* gifs* arrow oliver queen john diggle arrowedit olicity ALWAYS CRYING you are so dumb i am so glad you are gonna have fun for 10 min next season i love you so much i cant even lmao lol haahah rsrsrsr kkk i hope all you friends reblog this shit bc i never know when to post anything here specially on sunday its like i dont have any followers at all
jaejoong yeah it happened i need so much sleep right now you dont even know
gifs i love you wow Alex Turner ah my angel aw yeah!! first gifs made with frames extracted with kmplayer :-) its so stressful but in the end its worth it!!! i hope its stressful only in the beginning i thought kmplayer wasnt that important but it actually is lmao bb those new pictures yesterday made me so happy i dont even have words to explain you always do that dont you? you always know the exact right time... incredible i love you so much i love you i love you ALSO im so happy because of the nominations on the brit awards im so proud i love you guys so fucking much here i am soliloquising on the tags again
if ur nose isnt stopped up and u can properly breathe through it right now…… take this time to appreciate it
mine Roommate got7 jackson wang this joke isnt funny if u dont know sunmi's frozen in time(ft jackson) and if u dont know thEN ITS HIGH TIME THAT U DID KNOW BC THAT SONG IS BOOOOMB who am i kidding tho this joke isnt funny even if u DO know that song lmao
*accidentally presses w twice*
love hate depressive depressing quotes you dont even know you dont care
homestuck Dave Strider terezi pyrope aort YOU HAVE TO ADMIT IT sometimes i kind of wish all my art looked like my warm up sketches they are so much looser and its kind of nice???? postin this at 6:30 am so NO ONE WILL SEE the perfect plan yeah
one direction sneak into the homes of millions of fangirls and quietly go to their itunes library. they peek at the most played songs. “irresistible ??m??/ nObOdy comPARes ??/??? thEY DONt kn0W abOUt US!?//// perfect” they shut the laptop and crawl away. their mission has been ...
1k * 2k 500 strawhats Film Z opgraphics the fact that three of them are pictures makes me so mad you dont even know
by me long so puella magi madoka magica Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica this took you dont even know
cute Nicki Minaj sexy omg MY EDIT Pharrell 3D ymcmb nelly GET LIKE ME yess i did the 3d thing it took fucking 2 hrs to do this dont ask how its so fukin confusin i still dont know how i did it
homestuck Jade Harley thank you jade I love u ;A; hs im so lame but i dont care doodly ii hope u like it even tho some of u dont rly like homestuck its p simple im sorry dogtier jade
Joseph Joestar  Stardust Crusaders
English-American grandpa Joseph Joestar for the anon that requested it this morn...