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i am very concerned about matt murdock. he can’t be getting enough sleep if he’s fighting crime all night. does he get enough fruits and veggies? how on earth does he get the blood out of his shirts? someone please protect this man he is just a cinnamon roll who doesn’t know how to be careful
fan art doodle Daredevil Matt Murdock wendydoodles netflix daredevil matt tossing his cane gives me life think of all the discarded canes in dumpsters avocado on a mission
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1k * 2k Matt Murdock *dd marveledit *GR daredevil series daredeviledit city and primary colors inspired i had the ideas for some of these floating around in my head since like before the show even had a trailer lmao which just goes to show how  much i dont... do stuff i say im gonna do until 20 years later also if at least one person can tell the 1st one is supposed to be a stencil on a wall i'll be happy cause i think i fucked up that one it doesnt look like that at all
my gifs Marvel Daredevil Matt Murdock mcu marveledit ddedit jack murdock daredeviltrashnetwork this took me too long lmao
matt murdock got stabbed and actively sought another fight but thinks cotton fabric is too abrasive
  • Boss:we need to talk about your work ethic
  • Me:Matt says that cotton sheets are like sandpaper on his skin. That means that touch is also one of his senses that is immensely heightened, not just hearing and smell. He can feel things to a point that his sheets hurt him badly enough to get different ones. I wonder how it felt when he kissed Claire, that touch would have been heightened. Like very heightened. And on another note I mean, he goes out and gets beaten to death, but he's already got a massive pain threshold for a normal person, but must have a monumental one for someone like him. I wonder how he does that. But going on to more recreational thoughts, every time someone slaps him on the back, does it hurt him badly? He must be like an open nerve, sensing everything. Every particle of dust that lands on him he can feel, that's just an aspect of his senses I had never considered, and I don't know how to deal with that now that I've thought of it. He can feel the air move around him and the wind is probably like a slap in the face instead of a breeze against the cheek. Matt Murdock deals with that everyday and I can't deal with the fact he has to do it alone.
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my gifs gifset abs nope Daredevil Matt Murdock tw: blood it's just and of course Claire Temple matt x claire i have a thing about elbow touches in particular the way he's support her arm and ever subtly caressing her elbow just that tenderness
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  • matt murdock with his glasses:tall, dark, handsome, could probably crush my skull with a straight face
  • matt murdock without his glasses:puppy, wide innocent eyes, beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure
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