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25 Adorable Illustrations by Hyemi Jeong
Ontario-based illustrator Hyemi Jeong composes these adorable yet sophisticated illustrations, which incorporate imagination with everyday objects. Treading the realm of surrealism, Jeong’s ingenious drawings instantly make you happy. Considered a hobby, her work demonstrates that art functions best...
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Layered Water Glass Sculptures by Ben Young
A master at glass art for over a decade, Ben Young has recently shared a sneak peak of his latest creation composed from layers of cut laminate window panes. The oceanic sculptures are sliced into cross-sections, which construct translucent geometric surfaces. Young told Colossal: “I hope viewers mi...
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20 Images Of Norwegian Architecture Plucked Straight From A Fairytale
The Norwegian countryside is strewn with architecture that looks better suited to crown the pages of a fairytale book. More commonly known for its Vikings heritage and fjords, these photographs display a wide variety of architectural styles that have been used throughout the Middle Ages to the 19th ...
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