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The Kooks  Inside In/Inside Out
Naive  »  The Kooks I'm not saying its your faultAlthough you could have d...
Reasons Inside Out is the bomb
Multiple female characters with different personalitiesWomen/girl characters on screen outnumber male ones 2/3 at any given timeBasically a traditional Pixar “Buddy Comedy” but with womenThe main girl is not stereotypically feminine (she’s into hockey and dresses gender-neutrally) but never downs or...
Pixar’s Inside Out taught us that: It’s unreasonable to expect someone to be happy all the time. Sometimes, they will feel sad no matter how upbeat and optimistic a personality they have. Their sadness needs to be acknowledged, because it’s valid, and it’s a part of being a human being. When someone...
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The Kooks  Inside In/Inside Out
Naive // The Kooks
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So I have this theory about Disney/Pixar's, "Inside Out:"
Actually my friend cassandracroft kinda came up with it together. So throughout the movie we get quick glimpses into the minds of people other than Riley. There’s the mom, dad, teacher, other students, etc. But something struck me as odd: all of the adults’ emotions seemed to be one ...
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notice sadness is in charge in the mother’s mind and anger leads in the father’s mindPerhaps her mother is prone to depression and her father has anger issues?Perhaps they too learned how to deal with their problems.Imagine using this cartoon to explain mental illnesses to children, teen...