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Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson top 10k gif1 danradedit but yeaaah like i know media lady probably got intimidated and told him that instead of like he isn't prince charming type the last one is just important to me
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It snowed in Egypt before Sherlock series 3. It snowed in Egypt before Sherlock series 3. 
"Feminism? no thanks, i prefer gender equality" Water? no thanks, i prefer H2O
LOL Emma Watson hpcast oh stop sua linda
SO I’M SITTING WITH MY CRUSH, DOING MY HOMEWORK AT STARBUCKS WITH HIM (which is a blog I’ve been keeping to explain my experiences for this one class) WHEN HE GETS UP AND SAYS HE’S HEADING TO A FRIENDS HOUSE. I SAY GOODBYE AND HE JUST GOES "Aren’t you coming?" AND I SAY "Well...
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