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But clearly, she still thinks about the characters. Still imagines what they’re up to. Still understands that we want to know, too. I’ll sa...
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“One of the world’s wealthiest women, J.K Rowling, has given so much money to charity she can no longer claim billionaire status. The Harry Potter author has fallen dow...
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Seven years ago today, JK Rowling wrote ‘all was well’ and finished the book series.
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How…how long do you think that Harry Potter will last?I justDo you think that it’s going to be something like Disney?Do you think that 80+ years into the future, we’re still going to be enjoying the stories and the theories and the different adaptations?Do you think that people will share old...
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J.K. Rowling said her next book is going to be for slightly younger children than the Potter books, but if you think I’m not going to punch a 9-year-old in the face to get my copy first you’re delusional.
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I recently finished the full biography of Remus Lupin…
Imagine J.K. Rowling pulling a Beyoncé and releasing another Harry Potter book at midnight on July 31 with no warning can you even imagine the chaos that would ensue
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JK Rowling admits that Hermione should've ended up with Harry, not Ron
hello yes (<–link) i fucking knew it