• Jace Wayland •
gifs my stuff Jace Wayland shadowhunters shadowhuntersedit shadowhunterscreators alec lightwoodedit
gif s1 1x11 Jace Herondale tmiedit shadowhunters domsherwoodedit shadowhuntersedit dsherwoodedit by gabrielle
my gifs Season 1 asdfghjkl s01e11 clary fray Jace Herondale mone shadowhunters claryfrayedit claceedit shadowhuntersedit jaceherondaleedit haleysclace haleysjace haleysclary PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME
1k MY EDIT Jace Wayland Jace Jace Herondale tmiedit shadowhunters jacewaylandedit i'm sorry about this shadowhuntersedit clarysjace swans hooks and books will someone give this boy a hug
All the men on the cast have been shirtless except for Harry
1k alec lightwood uugh shadowhunters nephilimdaily alep wreckstiles shadowhuntersedit matthewdaddaryo usermatthewdaddario jesus why i felt so bad for him? like i feel he's really messing things up he seemed so lost in his confidense i hope things get better with jace! and with magnus (stophurtingmagnus2k16)! gosh things went so dramatic SO FREAKING FAST
Harry Shum Jr Jace Wayland isabelle lightwood clary fray alec lightwood magnus bane 112 malec robert lightwood shadowhunters Maryse Lightwood katherine mcnamara dominic sherwood March 9 emeraude toubia matthew daddario lydia branwell Stephanie Bennett Paulino Nunes Nicola Correia Damude
clary fray alec lightwood Jace Herondale jalec tmiedit shadowhunters shadowhuntersedit jalecedit bobsmorley
x 2k Jace Wayland THIS SCENE THOUGH alec lightwood Jace Lightwood shadowhunters dominic sherwood shadowhuntersedit dsherwoodedit
mine tmi Harry Shum Jr the mortal instruments Jace Wayland clary fray alec lightwood magnus bane malec shadowhunters institute katherine mcnamara dominic sherwood kat mcnamara matthew daddario matt daddario this looks silly
mine Steve Rogers Marvel Jace Wayland Jace Herondale kplus shadowhunters marveledit jacewaylandedit steverogersedit aou aouedit shadowhuntersedit jaceherondaleedit
tmi the mortal instruments Jace Wayland clary fray City of Bones Jace Herondale city of ashes shadowhunters katherine mcnamara dominic sherwood
1k gif* clary fray Jace Herondale tmiedit clace shadowhunters nephilimdaily deanswincheter shadowhuntersedit natashabarnes
gif Season 1 1x07 isabelle lightwood clary fray alec lightwood Jace Herondale by Shelby tmiedit tmigif shadowhunters shadowhuntersedit shadowhunters spoilers
* clary fray Jace Herondale tmiedit clace shadowhunters claceedit shadowhunters* shadowhuntersedit clace* sorry the colouring doesnt match lol
gifs spoilers sh ours alec lightwood Jace Herondale shadowhunters SH 1.07 shadowhuntersedit
1k ~ mine alec lightwood Jace Herondale jalec shadowhunters shadowhuntersedit
mygifs Jace Wayland alec lightwood malec shadowhunters aleclightwoodedit shadowhuntersedit this didn't come out quite how i wanted it but ehhh oh well to clarify: i kno alec didn't do it for jace this is more of a JACE HAS COMPLETE FAITH IN ALEC gifset and SIMON RECOGNIZING HE WAS WRONG AND ADMITTING IT and DON'T U DARE DOUBT MY BB ALEC OK im 100% malec trash but i still love the parabatai bond ok .... :')
Shadowhunters a.k.a.
Isabelle: How to slay and look fabulously badass while doing itClary: How to confront your best friend about his secret parkour lessonsAlec: How to babysit 3.5 Shadowhunters…and that mundaneMagnus: How to successfully spot (and flirt with) the pretty boy in a crowdSimon: How to get mundie-nap...
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