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Jace is a sarcastic little shit - City of Bones edition (part 1)
Reasons shadowhunters is great
More Poc than white people0 fake british accentsMalec gets as much air time as the straights™ (instead of them you know dissapearing on a trip for half a book)Izzy is sexy af and knows it and she just wants to have a good time0 slut shaming comments towards sexy izzy (v. different from the movie whe...
Jace Wayland alec lightwood malec shadowhunters shadowhunters spoilers
All the men on the cast have been shirtless except for Harry
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mygifs Jace Wayland alec lightwood malec shadowhunters aleclightwoodedit shadowhuntersedit this didn't come out quite how i wanted it but ehhh oh well to clarify: i kno alec didn't do it for jace this is more of a JACE HAS COMPLETE FAITH IN ALEC gifset and SIMON RECOGNIZING HE WAS WRONG AND ADMITTING IT and DON'T U DARE DOUBT MY BB ALEC OK im 100% malec trash but i still love the parabatai bond ok .... :')
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