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imagine thor teasing jane with their son after he’s born 'this baby, i like it' ‘THOR, DON’T’
consider this:  thor is always running into little kids who are thrilled to meet him - he doesn’t really understand the concept of signing autographs, but he starts carrying asgardian toys around in his pockets to give to kids he meets (much to shield’s chagrin - how are we supposed to k...
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Captain America: Red Skull grabs an Infinity Stone with his bare hands, gets his face melted off like in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Guardians of the Galaxy: “Yeah, Infinity Stones are not to be fucked around with. If you’re anything less than immortal, touching it for more than a second wi...
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Theory: Peter Quill actually only had trouble holding the infinity stone because he’s half Terran. A fully human Terran would have done much better. I mean, Jane Foster had the aether inside of her in Thor 2, and that seemed pretty potent (and potentially could have been another infinity stone...
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you can be like sif. you can be like black widow you can be like jane foster you can be like darcy you can be like pepper potts. But i suggest being like Mjolnir, and only allow worthy people to pick you up.