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popular b&w Jensen Ackles my content jibcon6 supernaturalapocalypse cocklestrashnet cvtiedean acecasbideannet renee tries photoshop i just wanted this black and white so much he so purty
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my edits my gifs Jensen Ackles Misha Collins spnedit Jensenedit jib6 jibcon 2015 the apple juice incident. tummy!porn his reaction once he realizes what he's done priceless jensen
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Remember when..
the biggest problem on Supernatural was: ‘So, sir, where’s your daughter buried?’ ‘Oh, she was cremated.’ And they were there like: 'Oh, crap.’
my edits lmao Jensen Ackles convention jibcon jibcon2015 Jensen in Glasses
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my edits Jensen Ackles jibcon jensen's back jibcon2015 Jensen's Booty
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my edits Jensen Ackles jibcon jibcon2015 Scruffy!Jensen jensen in sunglasses
When someone asks if you’re addicted to Supernatural Parody…
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